What was that Western Movie in Logan? -Ending Explained [Spoilers]

About halfway through the movie “Logan”, Professor Xavier and Laura are enjoying a bit of downtime in a hotel room in Oklahoma. They are shown watching an old Western movie as Xavier remarks to Laura that this was a “Classic” and an important piece of cinema. The old film also seems to tie-in to the films ending with Laura reciting the what seems to be lines from the film in its ending sequence. So what was that film and why was it featured so prominently in Logan? Well we did our homework and here’s what we found!

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In the Car After (Ep. 20) X-Men Apocalypse

In this week’s In the Car After, Raffy and Denise talk about X-Men Apocalypse and How Professor Xavier, absolutely looks like NXT’s Finn Balor! Enjoy!

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Top 10 Movies We’re Excited to See in 2016



2016 promises to be an exciting one for movie-goers and hardcore fans! And with a lot of movies begging for your money, its tough to pick-out the ones that deserve your well-earned dough. So allow us to make your lives simple so that you won’t break the bank this year with the 10 movies we’re excited to see this 2016 (in no particular order).

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Nerd Rage! Old Man Logan

If you’ve been following the news or announcements during the San Diego Comic Con, then you’re aware that Hugh Jackman dropped some major stuff, the most notable being that he will be retiring the mutton-chops and his claws, and would be doing so as Fox aims to adapt the acclaimed Wolverine book “Old Man Logan”. People got excited about the prospect that Fox would adapt the Old Man Logan (OML) story, and at the same time also realized that Jackman would be retiring as Wolverine, bringing a mixture of emotions to the fans of the X-Men’s franchise most popular character. But I realized that there are several pros and cons to this and that’s what I’m going to discuss here.


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