How to Send a Fan Mail to Your Favorite WWE Superstar

If you’re a big WWE fan and you follow your favorite Superstars on Twitter or Instagram, there’s a big possibility that you have seen them post about the fan mails they have been getting.

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WWE DIVA: Naomi is Amazing

1. SHE’S A CHAMPION – Naomi’s real name is Trinity McCray-Fatu. She’s 27 years old and her wrestling debut was in 2009 when she joined Florida Championship Wrestling. Even though she hasn’t won the WWE Diva’s Championship yet we all know she’s capable because she was the first ever Florida Women’s Champion.


2. SHE CAN SING – (Yes, she can do it all) ┬áHer single “Dance All Night” was released last 2014.

3. SHE CAN DANCE – (But we already know that)

We see how Naomi breaks into a dance whenever she’s competing in the ring so we’re not surprised when we found out that she used to be a dancer for Orlando Magic from 2006-2009. Aside from that, she was also a back up dancer for Florida.


4. SHE’S GOT THE COOLEST WRESTLING SHOES – All eyes are on Naomi’s shoes whenever she’s performing. I’m not saying that people are not mesmerized by her beauty or talent but her shoes are really hard to miss. Fortunately, we have the 411 on where she got her cool shoes.



5. SHE’S PART OF THE POPULAR SAMOAN WRESTLING FAMILY – Naomi got married to her long term boyfriend, Jimmy Uso last January 2014. Jimmy is part of the former tag team champions The USOs and he is the son of the Hall of Famer, Rikishi.


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