Pick of the Geek (19-25 October 2015)

assassins creed syndicate

Another week, another geeky pick.

Big week for the geeks out there as Marvel continues its revamp of its comic book line, and we get to live in the world of Back to the Future again!

Here are the Picks of the Geeks this week!

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WWE finally comes to PC!

PC wrestling fans rejoice! The WWE finally comes to PC!!2KSMKT_WWE2K15_PC_STEAM_ASSET_600x1000_ENG

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Metal Gear Solid Movie Casting


OUR TOPIC: METAL GEAR SOLID MOVIE CASTING For purposes of limiting the discussion, we limit ourselves to the characters in MGS1




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Geekend Gladiators!

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Are you not entertained?!

Well you should be! Because we are launching the Geekend Gladiators blog! Your source for all the Nerdy News, Views and Reviews about all things Geeky!!

Take a look around! there’s not a lot of stuff up yet, but we’re working hard, Spartan-style to make sure your trip to this Colosseum is worth your gold!

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