Superheroes Who Deserve Their Own Videogame

At one point or another, we’ve all dreamed of becoming a superhero. While having superpowers is out of the question, we could all still become a superhero through videogames. And with the success of the Arkham franchise, the Injustice games, and even the Tell Tale superhero games, there’s little to no doubt that the next medium for the comic book/superhero genre to dominate is the videogame realm. The sad part about this, though, is that there are few successful comic book video games in the market, despite the existence of the aforementioned properties and the expected success of the Spider-man game. On that note, we here at have come up with our own list of superheroes who deserve their own video game titles, and also a possible game play for their respective video games.

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In the Car After (Ep 41): E3 2017 and the Monthly Krakens

In this week’s mega-sized In the Car After, Raffy is joined by Jam and Matthew Arcilla from New Game Plus as they talk about E3 2017!

You’ll hear all about everything they liked at the show, games they’re looking forward to, How Rabbid Peach needs to be the new meme, Monthly Krakens, Miles Morales and How it’s always nice not be a White Guy.

Buckle up and watch out for that mustachioed Dinosaur, it’s In the Car After!

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The Dashboard

The Dashboard is a new feature we’re adding to In the Car After where we put in links to all the stuff we talked about for your driving and listening convenience!


Our Favorite Games from E3 2017

The biggest gaming event in the world just happened and here are the very best games announced at the show and why we think they’re cool.

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Sony E3 2016 Round-up! All the announcements and why they’re awesome.

Sony and Playstation just knocked it out of the park at the grandest videogame stage of them all. Here’s a hearty recap of everything that went down during their press conference.


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