Nerd Rave – Of Live Actions and Comic Book Adaptations

DISCLAIMER: I am no manga, anime or comic book expert. I read them, watch them, and appreciate them, I can go full on geek mode if I have to. But despite of those facts, I do not claim to be an expert on the stuff, so please spare me your bashing


The world just recently¬†geeked out¬†over the Avengers: Age of Ultron. Most of us sighed and looked lovingly at Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Hulk and Black Widow. Some of us gasped when Captain America, ever so slightly, lifted the Mjolinir. We somehow felt their seeming helplessness, as they plan on defeating Ultron. I, for one, smiled when Vision appeared right before my eyes (pun intended), because well, Paul Bettany, need I say more. The world was somehow engrossed over the Avengers and someday soon we will go gaga over Batman v. Superman, and hopefully the Justice League (fingers crossed). Continue reading “Nerd Rave – Of Live Actions and Comic Book Adaptations”