In the Car After (Ep. 27) PWR: Renaissance and Train to Busan!

In this week’s In the Car After, Denise and Raffy talk about the recently concluded Philippine Wrestling Revolution: Renaissance! It’s our first time watching this awesome local Wrestling Promotion and we are absolutely hooked!

We talk about all the awesome local talent on display , all the cool and crazy gimmicks (some of which involve vegetables for some reason) and hilarious chants! (#DicksOut4Sandata,  Pen Pineapple! Apple Pen!, Awkward Silence! and many many more!)
Also since we’ve been out for awhile there, as a special bonus were throwing in our In the Car after discussion for Train to Busan discussion to empty out our backlog of content we’ve acquired so definitely stick around after the first segment! Enjoy yall! Catch ya next week!

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Please let us know about what you think about PWR: Renaissance or Train to Busan or our show in general  we would love to hear from you in the comments below!

Also, as previously mentioned, we’ve developed quite a backlog of episodes so we’ll try to get those out the door as soon as possible. Check back here next week for that!

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Get to Know PWR’s Robynn

PWR Renaissance did not disappoint! This Filipino brand gave us so many good things to talk about and we’re lucky enough that one of the wrestlers who stole the show gave us a chance to ask her a few questions.

In this interview, we talked to Robynn, one of the up and coming wrestlers of PWR about her debut, character and how she got into wrestling.

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Asia Pop Comic Con Manila 2016: Best of the Show!

Asia Pop Comic Con was an absolute blast! Mostly because it was a celebration of all things geeky!

Every fandom was represented, Videogames, Toys, Cosplay, Comics, Anime, Wrestling, Movies, TV!

There was even a frickin’ Bouncy House!!!

It was super magical to be around people you like the same stuff that you do and talk about it.

It’s also just as awesome to be in the pressence of people with fandoms you aren’t necessarily into and see how crazy and passionate they are about it!

It’s nothing short of amazing, We’re absolutely going again next year~!

Here are some of our best photos!

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Geekend Update: Another Crazy Geekend! 9/21-27/2015


Its another packed week and your cheat sheet for your geeky weekend is here to help you plan accordingly!

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