The Diva from England: WWE’s Paige

paige 1. Paige came from a wrestling family.

Paige’s real name is Saraya Jade and was named after her mother Sweet Saraya, who is also a famous wrestler. Their family was featured in a documentary called “The Wrestlers: Fighting with my Family”.  Paige’s family runs the World Association of Wrestling (WAW), a promotion based in Norwich.

2. She used to be blonde.

Paige used to wrestle using the name Britani Knight which her father chose for her because Paige’s blonde hair reminded him of Britney Spears. paigeblonde

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AJ Lee retires from WWE


Former 3-time Divas Champion and Former RAW GM, AJ Lee a.k.a. April Mendez retires from “In-ring competition with WWE”

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Showstoppers! Our favorite moments from the best Wrestlemania to date!


Wrestlemania 31 just happened and it might be the best one ever!! These are our favorite moments!

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