Pick of the Geek (February 27 – March 5 2017)

A new week, a new Pick of the Geek! As with previous articles, Pick of the Geek brings you all the latest movies, TV shows, comic books and other happenings in the world of geek. This week promises to be unforgettable with what’s premiering. So without further ado, here’s what caught the eyes of the Geekend Gladiators.

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Pick of the Geek (April 4-10)

Its that time again for the Pick of the Geek, our weekly list of what to look forward to this geeky week.



Very little is known about this film, yet people have been buzzing about it ever since a surprise trailer was shown late last year/early this year. Speculation has it that this film may take place within the Cloverfield universe, and that the characters in this film are survivors of the Cloverfield movie.

With J.J. Abrams at the helm of this movie, we can’t help but recommend it, after all the last time J.J. Abrams kept a movie under wraps like this we got an unexpected treat in the form of Cloverfield. Hopefully this movie surprises the audience once again. Continue reading “Pick of the Geek (April 4-10)”

Pick of the Geek (28 March – 03 April 2016)

Pick of the Geek is back with an all new list of things to watch out for this Geeky week March 28 – April 3 2016.

As always with our Pick of the Geek, we provide you a list of what’s what for this week in the world of geekdom.

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