Komiks and the Filipino Folklore: An Exclusive Interview With Tabi Po Creator Marvin Malonzo

Geekend Gladiators was able to catch the award-winning creator of the hit Komiks Series Tabi Po, Mervin Malonzo. He shares with us his history as a writer, how the idea for Tabi Po came about and what he thinks of the blossoming Komiks Industry in the country.

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Local Comic Book of the Week – Buster #1

“One only dies once… and if one does not die well, a good opportunity is lost… and will not present itself again.”

– Buster #1 by Peejay Catacutan


Buster #1 is a beautiful story that brings the future in the context of the past. It is filled with non-stop action and Philippine history. The main character of the story is a Philippine hero brought back to life to become the hope against the despair brought by the tyrants. Peejay conveys a beautiful message about the society and how one man can start a revolution.

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The State of Filipino Komiks

Are you aware that there is a thriving Filipino Komik book industry in the Philippines nowadays? If not, then let me inform you that there is in fact a resurgence of original Filipino Komik books. But, mind you, this has not always been the state of the industry, and just like World History has it, there were the so-called Golden Age and the Dark Age of Filipino Komiks.

So what caused the downfall of the industry back then?

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