Indie Comic Book of the Week – Fight Club 2 #1 (Dark Horse Comics)

Spoilers ahead, you have been warned.

Most of us are familiar with the 1999 movie Fight Club, but some of us, and that includes me (shame on me), does not know that it is actually an adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk’s novel of the same title. In this light, please allow me to give you the first crack on its sequel, Fight Club 2.

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First rule of Fight Club, you do not talk about Fight Club…

The comic book started 10 years after that huge explosion in the movie. The story starts off with The Narrator describing the life of a man named Sebastian. The Narrator claimed that Sebastian could have been a great man, but he decided to throw it all away, for what reason, no one really knows, except the Narrator perhaps. From there, we were given a glimpse of Sebastian’s life, his wife Marla, his son and their troubles. Sebastian can be described as an ordinary working man, living an ordinary life. His wife Marla, however, is not impressed, she is tired of the ordinary life they’ve been living in, she misses the man that Sebastian was. Their son it seems inherited Sebastian’s knack for chemistry.

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You see, its been 10 years since the explosion, many things have happened between that and Sebastian’s present time. I was expecting that there would be a showcase of events that happened since, however, I was left confused with what actually transpired in the story. I was like, what the big eff happened? One moment, Marla was attending this gathering and then Tyler appeared and the next moment, Sebastian’s house was on fire. Confusing right?

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Well, not really. After a second reading (yep, took me long enough) I finally realized, this is Chuck Palahniuk, what do you expect. One thing’s clear though, the Fight Club still exists, and apparently it has gained more popularity throughout the years and I believe, as of the moment, that’s all that matters. As I mentioned earlier Chuck Palahniuk is the brain behind this awesomeness, well because no one can write it better than him.

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Joining our buddy Chuck are, artist Cameron Stewart and colorist Dave Stewart, whose works ranges from Catwoman, Batman and Robin, Hellboy, and Conan, just to name a few. So you see, the art is as sick as the story, in a good way. Overall it is safe to assume that we can expect great things from this 10-issue series.

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Second rule of Fight Club, YOU DO NOT talk about Fight Club….

In sum, this comic book is highly recommended to all who are wondering what happened to Tyler Durden and his Fight Club. Hence, I am giving this series a 4/5 soaps.


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