In the Car After (Ep. 40) Wonder Woman and the Wonderful Samoan

We’re baaack! In the Car after has returned with a doozy of a catch-up episode in store for ya!

Our hosts Raffy and Denise catch us up on everything they have been doing with their lives including all the movies, videogames and wrestling they’ve been consuming as well as the various geeky events they were able to attend during the big ol’ break.

Right off the bat, Raffy and Denise talk about all the movies they watched in a Quick Fire Movies Wrap-up. Get our hosts sweet, hot takes on Power Rangers, Ghost in the Shell, Kong: Skull Island and Beauty and the Beast.

Our hosts also catch us up on all the nerdy events they were able to attend including Long Live Play PH’s Store Opening in Ayala 30th as well as the recently concluded BatCon!

They also breakdown why they kind of fell off from wrestling after Wrestlemania 33 and how they’re actually just hopping back on the wagon because of the recent Extreme Rules PPV!

And finally, Our hosts delve into what must be the most important superhero movie to date: Wonder Woman. You’ll hear all about what they loved about the movie, how Hippolyta vs Ares in a Themyscira Force Field match might be the greatest Pay-per-view, and how Denise christens #SamoanGod talking about Roman Reigns (nothing new there really).

Fasten your seat belts, It’s a big ol’ Catch-Up episode of In the Car After!



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