In The Car After (Ep. 46): Justice League and the 4 Atlanteans

Heyoooo! In this week’s episode of In the Car After Raffy and Denise go #AllIn with Justice League!

But first, they do a little catch-up with all the awesome stuff they got into this crazy long weekend Geekend! You’ll hear all about Denise’s Great Taipei Ticket Odyssey and all the last-minute shenanigans she went through for her trip; Raffy’s first Komikon experience selling art; and the Mythical Prince Adam Satyr riding a Centaur Drake.

Also, find out what our hosts think about Justice League and “how you can’t go wrong with a topless Jason Momoa”; How the Wonder Woman and the Amazons just kick wholesale ass; and The 4 Atlanteans you meet in Atlantis.

The ride ain’t over yet, my man. Here’s comes In the Car After!

What did you think of Justice League? Let us know in the comments below! We’d love to know what you think!

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The Dark Knight Rises at the First Inaugural BatCon

Holy Origin story, Batman! The first-ever BatCon is set to swoop in at Elements, Eton Centris, Quezon City on June 3, 2017!

Unite with other like-minded Bat-fans in a fantastic gathering filled with art, games, toys, comicbooks and panel discussions the whole day through. Put your training and wit to the test at the various contests raffles and you might walk away with a few prizes to put up on your trophy room!

On top of all that, what would a Batman-themed event be without a worthy cause?The 50 pesos entrance fee and all proceeds go to the Haribon Foundation and their research which seeks to build sustainable habitats for endangered fruit-eating bats in the province.

This awesome celebration of our favorite caped crusader is the brain-child of The Dark Knight PH, the premier Bat Group in the Philippines and their partnership with Eton Centris. BatCon will be the main event at Eton Centris First Hobbies Expo but there will be more for everyone in attendance. There will be R/C car races, car exhibits; motorcycle air art exhibits; arts & crafts sessions; baking sessions; gardening talks; travel photography exhibits; calligraphy sessions; painting sessions, and many more happening all around the venue.

So on June 3, 2017, put your Atomic Batteries to power, your Turbines to speed and set the autopilot on the Batmobile to the Elements at Eton Centris, Quezon City for the first-ever BatCon!

In the Car After (Ep. 37) The Lego Batman movie

Nana nana nana nana In the Car After!

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TDKPH Cup: Battle for the Cowl

The word geek is a slang word used to describe someone who enjoys comicbooks and video games. Ordinarily, these “geeks” were never gifted with athletic skills. Well, that’s the conventional definition of what a geek is. In today’s world, who says geeks can’t play ball?

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In the Car After (Ep. 18): Batman V Superman!

In this episode of In the Car After, Raffy and Denise are joined by fellow Gladiator Gino Alvarez as we takes on the greatest gladiator match in the history of the world! Batman V Superman!

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Pick of the Geek (January 11-17, 2016)

Secret Wars 9


The pick of the geek for this week would mainly focus on the comic book side of things, since its a quiet week in the realm of TV and movies. So without further adieu, here are the Geekend Gladiator’s pick of the geek!

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Pick of the Geek (October 5-11, 2015)

Another week, another geeky pick.

Here are the Geekend Gladiators comic book, TV show, video game and movie picks for October 5-11, 2015.

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Pick of the Geek (Sept. 7 – 13, 2015)

Another week, another geeky pick. Here are the Geekend Gladiators comic book, music, TV, videogames and book picks of the geek for the week September 7-13 2015.

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5 Things you have to know about WWE’s Sasha Banks

Get to know the Boss WWE’s Sasha Banks!

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Geekend Arena – Batman vs. Superman: Gladiator Recap


It’s that time once again for our Gladiators to do battle in the Geekend Arena. In this week’s installment Gladiators Gino and Raffy duke it out in a battle of wits on the age-old debate: who would win if Batman and Superman were to fight.

but we have an interesting twist planned!

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