Taipei Game Show 2018 Awesome Merch Giveaway Extended!

We’re extending our Awesome Merch Giveaway! Check out all the awesome loot we and our The Geek Collective familia have for you to win!

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Glads Go! Taipei Game Show 2018

We made a trio of Glads Go for Taipei Game Show 2018! Check it out!

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5 Things You Should Know About Kairi Sane

All eyes are now on the twenty-eight year-old Kairi Sane, nicknamed “The Pirate Princess” from World Wonder Ring Stardom promotion in Japan, after winning the Mae Young Classic competition finals against Shayna Baszler. She is one of the most celebrated women’s wrestlers of the modern era,  and she will soon get a shot at the vacant NXT Women’s Championship at NXT TakeOver: Houston.

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Here are the Winners of Taipei Game Show 2018 Indie Game Awards!

Indie Game Award (IGA) is one of the highlights of this year’s Taipei Game Show. The aim is to recognize outstanding indie game developers around the world and showcase them in a global arena. This year, a total of 86 games are competing while only 22 games are included in the final round to compete for awards in eight categories including Best Narration, Best Visual Art, Best Audio, Best Design, Best Innovation, Best VR Game, Best Mobile Game, and IGA Grand Prix. Here are this year’s winners:


IGA Grand Prix & Best Visual Art: Old Man’s Journey

Developer: Broken Rules Interactive Media

Country of Origin: Austria

The double-award winner “Old Man’s Journey” is as much a game as an illustrated book, which tells a story of life experiences. Though brief, the game brings us a story with deep meanings of life. Without a single word, it evokes rich and powerful emotions through sounds and images, while preserving a smooth and whole gameplay experience. An old man with furrowed brow embarks on a lonely journey of memories. As a third person, the player gets to see through the eyes of the old man, touch the objects along the way on his journey, and take a peek at the memories he holds dearly. Time never ends, but life does. What would be the last scene you remember when your life reaches its destination?

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Taipei Game Show 2018 Awesome Merch Giveaway!

We’ve joined up with a bunch of awesome friends in the Geek Media to form the Geek Collective! We’re going to celebrate this momentous occasion by covering Taipei Game Show 2018 AND treating all our readers with an Awesome Merch Giveaway from the Show floor!

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In the Car After: (Ep. 47) Thor Ragnarok and How Hulk Should Have Put The Fire Demon Over

It’s another In the Car After! This week our host Raffy and Denise get their seductive Lord of Thunder on with Thor: Ragnarok!

But before that, they discuss Denise’s annual holiday trip and how Raffy played Bioshock while blaring Adele songs just to cope (It didn’t work out so well). They also talk about their year-end plans for In the Kitchen Before Livestream while Denise tries to weasel away from her outstanding punishment; And finally, listen to how Denise pitches watching Mano Po: The Legal Wife 11 for In the Car After while she’s gone. Yeah.. no.

Find out what our Hosts think about Thor: Ragnarok. As they discuss a LOT about the comedic bathos in the movie and how they feel it about it.  You’ll also hear all about how Baller Hela is and How the Hulk should’ve just Put Over the Fire Demon but instead buried him like Cena does to all new talent.

Get help! It’s In the Car After!

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Have We Already Seen The Soul Stone? Here Are Our 2 Best Theories- Avengers: Infinity War Speculation

The trailer for Avengers: Infinity War just dropped and we’re all caught up in the Avengers hype once again! However, we have not yet seen even a glint of the Soul Stone. or have we? Here are our 2 best guesses where it is! Continue reading “Have We Already Seen The Soul Stone? Here Are Our 2 Best Theories- Avengers: Infinity War Speculation”

KIX’s R U Tough Enough 2017 Proudly Crowns Its First Igorot Champion!

 After a grueling afternoon filled with tests of strength, agility and fortitude, KIX Channel’s R U Tough Enough 2017 hails Renz Lou Lagria as the Philippines’ Toughest Pinoy!

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Our ESGS 2017 Best Of The Show Award Winners!

ESGS 2017 was an amazing spectacle of all things gaming. There were massive booths, crazy cosplays and impressive games in every which way you went on the show floor. This year, Geekend Gladiators took the time to appreciate the awesome standouts at the show and award them for all their tremendous work and dedication.

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Meet The Top Ten Finalists of KIX’s R U Tough Enough!

KIX, the ultimate TV destination for action entertainment, announced today the top ten finalists of R U Tough Enough? Competition! Get to know them and their amazing stories of grit, determination and toughness!

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