These Adorable New WWE Funko Products Will Make Your Wallet Tap Out!

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What was that Western Movie in Logan? -Ending Explained [Spoilers]

About halfway through the movie “Logan”, Professor Xavier and Laura are enjoying a bit of downtime in a hotel room in Oklahoma. They are shown watching an old Western movie as Xavier remarks to Laura that this was a “Classic” and an important piece of cinema. The old film also seems to tie-in to the films ending with Laura reciting the what seems to be lines from the film in its ending sequence. So what was that film and why was it featured so prominently in Logan? Well we did our homework and here’s what we found!

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E-Sports and Gaming Summit 2016 Coverage

The Geekend Gladiators were given the honor and privilege to officially cover the E-sports and Gaming Summit for 2016. Here is where you can find all our fun-filled highlights from one of the grandest celebrations of Video Games and E-sports in Asia!

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5 Things You Should Know About Baron Corbin

The Lone Wolf is one of the fastest rising WWE Superstars right now. He has achieved a lot eversince he got drafted by Smackdown last July and he continues to impress everyone with his charisma and unique in ring moves. We have a compiled a list of things that you should know about one of the most exciting Superstars in the current WWE roster, Baron Corbin.

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Metro Manila Film Fest 2016 – Preview

The Metro Manila Film Festival announced the entries in its annual Christmas season movie festival this November, and just by looking at the entries, one can say that change has come.

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Combatron Videogame Announced at ESGS 2016!

Here’s a blast from the past for all you 90’s kids! Funny Komiks’ classic character Combatron is getting a videogame!

At the recently concluded ESGS 2016, local studio Ranida Games took to the stage to announce that they are currently developing a videogame based on  the familiar blue cyborg, Combatron. The character rose to popularity in the early 90’s when its stories were published in the local comicbook serial, Funny Komiks. The komiks tells the tale of a young boy named Empoy who inherits a powerful cybernetic armor from an injured alien warrior called Combatron. Empoy also takes the mantle of the fallen warrior and fights evil alien invaders looking to subjugate the Earth.

Combatron’s creator Berlin Manalaysay has already given his approval in using the character and will working closely with the team at Ranida Games to make sure the game will be as good and as true to the original comicbook as it can possibly be.

At the moment, Ranida Games hasn’t disclosed what genre the game is going to be so we’ll have to keep an ear out for news and bring you updates when we get it. For now, enjoy this teaser trailer that Ranida has released featuring sample art of how the graphics of the game might look like.

Ubisoft Offers to Kick-start your Future at ESGS 2016

Ubisoft, the acclaimed developer of the Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry series, returns to the biggest gaming convention in the Philippines, the E-Sports and Gaming Summit (ESGS)  on October 28-30 2016 at the SMX Convention Center. The company plans to have a larger presence in the convention this year with an interactive Just Dance 2017 booth as well as opportunities for gamers and enthusiasts to pursue a career in gaming.

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The Best Reactions to Rockstar’s Red Dead Teaser!

In a series of tweets this week, Rockstar Games, the highly acclaimed developer of the Grand Theft Auto Franchise teased the coming of the voraciously anticipated sequel to its other blockbuster franchise, Red Dead Redemption. And the Internet acts accordingly.

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Not Again: WWE’s Paige Violates Wellness Policy Twice in a Row

Uh-oh. Not again.

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Meet Kooper! He’s walking from the South of the Philippines to the North!

This is Kooper. He’s embarking on an epic journey from the Philippines’ Southernmost city to the North! He speaks with Geekend Gladiators about how the idea for this journey (which he calls Sanlibong Yapak ) was formed, what he wishes to accomplish, his preparation as well as some exciting stories from the road so far.

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