The Coolest Things that Happened at Ragnarok Festival 2017!

Ragnarok Festival happened this Geekend and the Gladiators were there to experience it! Here are the coolest things that happened!

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Ragnarok Online Announces Return to the Philippines

Ragnarok is back, baby! After 5 long years away, the MMORPG that started it all (at least in the Philippines) Ragnarok Online is coming back to the country.

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All the Awesome Things To Do at Pinoy Gaming Festival-Summer Assembly 2017

The Biggest Gaming Event in the Summer is happening right now at the Trinoma Mall in Quezon City! Here’s the low down on everything that you can experience at the Pinoy Gaming Festival-Summer Assembly 2017

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Raffy and Denise vs Vending Machine Food- Glads Life

During one faithful trip to Taiwan, Raffy and Denise find themselves searching for food where in an airport WHERE EVERYTHING CLOSES AT 10PM.

This forces our Gladiators to resort to an unspeakable evil that they don’t fully understand or trust: Vending Machine Food.

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All the Hypest Nerd Toys @Long Live Play PH – Glads Life

We got to goof around with a lot of the nerdy ass stuff during the opening of Long Live Play PH’s new store at Ayala 30th!

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Pinoy Gaming Festival is back with a Scorching Summer Event!

Pinoy Gaming Festival  is looking to turn the heat up on your Summer  with PGF Summer Assembly 2017. Get ready for three whole days of non-stop, pulse-pounding eSports action on April 28 to 30, 2017 at the Trinoma Activity Center, Trinoma Mall Quezon City.

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Cosplay Mania 2016 Cosplay Gallery!

Meet Kooper! He’s walking from the South of the Philippines to the North!

This is Kooper. He’s embarking on an epic journey from the Philippines’ Southernmost city to the North! He speaks with Geekend Gladiators about how the idea for this journey (which he calls Sanlibong Yapak ) was formed, what he wishes to accomplish, his preparation as well as some exciting stories from the road so far.

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Asia Pop Comic Con Manila 2016: Best of the Show!

Asia Pop Comic Con was an absolute blast! Mostly because it was a celebration of all things geeky!

Every fandom was represented, Videogames, Toys, Cosplay, Comics, Anime, Wrestling, Movies, TV!

There was even a frickin’ Bouncy House!!!

It was super magical to be around people you like the same stuff that you do and talk about it.

It’s also just as awesome to be in the pressence of people with fandoms you aren’t necessarily into and see how crazy and passionate they are about it!

It’s nothing short of amazing, We’re absolutely going again next year~!

Here are some of our best photos!

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Geekend Destinations: Pinto Art Museum – Cafe Tan-aw

Here at Geekend Gladiators, we are not only passionate about our comic books, TV shows, movies and video games, we are also insanely passionate about our food! In this edition of Geekend Destinations, Gladiators Gino and Phoebe went out and tried a restaurant cafe called, “Cafe Tan-aw,”  in Pinto Art Museum, located at Antipolo City.

As with every Geekend Destination review, ratings are divided among five categories, with five points each and totaling 25 points, namely: food, ambiance, service, affordability, and level of geekiness.

As a brief background, Cafe Tan-aw is a restaurant cafe located inside Pinto Art Museum. The Pinto Art Museum was opened to the public by its owner Dr. Joven Cuanang to showcase the artworks of famous and up and coming Filipino artists.

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