Pick of the Geek – February 20-26 2017

It’s that time again for the Geekend Gladiators to present the top things to look out for in this geek-tastic week.

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In the Car After (Ep. 29) Doctor Strange and ESGS!

This mega-episode of In the Car After is a two-parter! First up, Gladiators Gino and Leo will be joining Raffy to talk about the our the biggest gaming-centric event in the Philippines: The E-sports and Gaming Summit (ESGS) and all the awesome games they got to see on the show floor!

Next up, Denise steps back with Raffy as they talk about Doctor Strange! They get all into the prevailing theme of time throughout the movie, celebrities with only one name, how Rachel McAdams is the real Ancient One, and who is the MCU’s best villain and how its Kaecillius.

Keep calm and podcast on! It’s In the Car After!

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Combatron Videogame Announced at ESGS 2016!

Here’s a blast from the past for all you 90’s kids! Funny Komiks’ classic character Combatron is getting a videogame!

At the recently concluded ESGS 2016, local studio Ranida Games took to the stage to announce that they are currently developing a videogame based on  the familiar blue cyborg, Combatron. The character rose to popularity in the early 90’s when its stories were published in the local comicbook serial, Funny Komiks. The komiks tells the tale of a young boy named Empoy who inherits a powerful cybernetic armor from an injured alien warrior called Combatron. Empoy also takes the mantle of the fallen warrior and fights evil alien invaders looking to subjugate the Earth.

Combatron’s creator Berlin Manalaysay has already given his approval in using the character and will working closely with the team at Ranida Games to make sure the game will be as good and as true to the original comicbook as it can possibly be.

At the moment, Ranida Games hasn’t disclosed what genre the game is going to be so we’ll have to keep an ear out for news and bring you updates when we get it. For now, enjoy this teaser trailer that Ranida has released featuring sample art of how the graphics of the game might look like.

Asia Pop Comic Con Manila 2016: Best of the Show!

Asia Pop Comic Con was an absolute blast! Mostly because it was a celebration of all things geeky!

Every fandom was represented, Videogames, Toys, Cosplay, Comics, Anime, Wrestling, Movies, TV!

There was even a frickin’ Bouncy House!!!

It was super magical to be around people you like the same stuff that you do and talk about it.

It’s also just as awesome to be in the pressence of people with fandoms you aren’t necessarily into and see how crazy and passionate they are about it!

It’s nothing short of amazing, We’re absolutely going again next year~!

Here are some of our best photos!

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In the Car After (Ep. 23) Suicide Squad

This is In the Car After, the Show where we go in the car and on the spot to talk about the movie we just watched!

In this week’s episode of In the Car After we talk about Suicide Squad! Find out what we think of Jared Leto’s Joker, Harley Quinn and the rest of the Squad, Enchantress’ Disco Fever, How this whole movie connects to the larger DC Extended Universe as a whole!

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Meet and Greet the Pinoy DC Comics Artists that are Breathing New Life to Deathstroke

Meet and greet the Filipino Artists bringing to life DC Comics’ new Deathstroke series, penciller Carlo Pagulayan and inker Michael Jason Paz on Aug. 13, Saturday, from 1-5pm at Filbar’s U.P. Town Center.

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Suicide Squad Spoiler-Free Review: Does the Squad’s Good Outshine its Bad?

Despite its flaws, There’s tons of fun to be had with Suicide Squad by way of its cool action sequences, quirky humor, magnificent soundtrack and terrific albeit uneven characterization.

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About Jared Leto’s Joker…

 Warner Bros’s Film Suicide Squad marks the long-awaited on-screen return of the Joker. So how did Jared Leto fair in his turn as the Clown Prince of Crime?

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Local Comic Book of the Week – Buster #1

“One only dies once… and if one does not die well, a good opportunity is lost… and will not present itself again.”

– Buster #1 by Peejay Catacutan


Buster #1 is a beautiful story that brings the future in the context of the past. It is filled with non-stop action and Philippine history. The main character of the story is a Philippine hero brought back to life to become the hope against the despair brought by the tyrants. Peejay conveys a beautiful message about the society and how one man can start a revolution.

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