Here are our Best Photos From Asia Pop Comic Con 2018


Studio Ghibli, Music and Adventure Time: Finn Jones Media Session at Asia Pop Comic Con 2018

Here’s the Finn Jones’ full interview with the media teams at Asiapop Comic Con 2018! The Iron Fist actor talks about his love for Studio Ghibli, Music and Adventure Time. He also talk about how Marvel polices spoilers and leaks with highly-trained snipers. Watch below!

6 Exciting Things You Need to know About The Nationals

In a series of press events held in June and July this year, ESPN 5 revealed The Nationals, the first-ever franchise model esports league in the Philippines. Here’s the lowdown of everything you need to know about the big event that’s looking to elevate the state of esports in the country!  Continue reading “6 Exciting Things You Need to know About The Nationals”

Everything We Know About the LG’s New Smartphone the LG G7 ThinQ!

LG has unveiled their latest and greatest entry into their smartphone line, the LG G7 ThinQ! In a recently concluded media event held at Yes Please! Bar in Uptown BGC, Geekend Gladiators had a chance to check out LG’s new flagship phone and all its awesome features. Here’s what we found out!

Check the Specs

LG 4

First, here are the LG G7 ThinQ specs right out of the Box, to get a sense of the power that LG is working with. The LG G7 has a Super Bright 6.1″ QHD Display that brighter than most phone screens on the market, clocking in at 1000 nit. It has, not just one, but two 16 MP Rear Cameras and  One 8 MP Front Camera! That’s 3 Cameras total to suit your photographic needs! It also has a 64 GB Memory with MicroSD Support and 4 GB Ram under the hood. Finally, this beast rocks a 2.8 GHz Octa-Core Processor so it can pretty much handle anything you throw at it with relative ease.

Feature Presentation

lg2The New LG G7 ThinQ is jam-packed with new cool and interesting features that help it stand out from the competition. We’ve narrowed it down to 3 of our favorites. Here are the 3 of the LG G7 ThinQ’s coolest features that were presented at the event.

AI Camera

The first nifty feature that blew us away was the G7’s AI Camera technology. The phone’s camera is able to detect any subject and determine the best photo settings to show it off. It can detect and recognize a wide variety of objects, people and locales then adjust its settings on-the-fly to take the perfect photo.

In one area of the demo booth LG set up at the media event, we were able to see the AI Camera shift its settings quickly in real time to a bunch of different subjects including, food, cityscapes, faces and crowds. If it detected a beautiful scenery or landscape it would widen its focus and switch to a wide-angle lens. If it detect food, it would sharpen up the focus, punch in for a close up and dial up the colors to make it look more appetizing.

It was a marvel to see in action and we understood why they call the LG G7’s Camera their more intelligent camera ever.

Super Bright Camera

Another feature that makes the ThinQ’s Cameras unique is its Super Bright Camera.  With the LG G7 ThinQ, you will be able to finally take great quality photos in low-light situations such as nightscapes and parties!

During the event, the representatives from LG milled about the purposely dim lit Yes Please Bar, taking pictures of the guests and showing just how effective the new Super Bright Camera can be. It was outstanding how much more detail can be seen in the photos!

Boombox Speakers

Rounding out our favorite features of the LG G7 ThinQ is the Boombox Speakers. The ThinQ is looking to put the boom and bass back into your smartphone with this sweet system design. The phone’s interior itself is designed like a resonance chamber to amplify and carry the soundwaves it generates with its 6dB speaker. That’s 6x the power of the older LG models and 10 times of the average smartphone!

We got a taste of this raw power during the event when the LG attendants were blasting music over at the LG Demo Stations and at full volume, they can be heard clearly over the venue’s actual music playing!

Yes Please! to LG G7 ThinQ

LG 5The event itself was an actual blast! We had tons of fun checking out the LG G7 ThinQ, learning about its key features; and participating in all the fun games they had in store. LG even brought in a few guests speakers to show off the new flagship phone to those in attendance. Abe Olandres, founder of the tech website Yugatech was on hand to explain the AI features of the phone. Director Mikhail Red, whose film “Birdshot” won the Asian Future Best Film Award at the Tokyo Film festival, was also on hand to show off the phones video capabilities. Red presented a video he made solely using the LG G7 ThinQ and how the phone satisfies the visionary filmmaker’s cinematic needs.

Did we mention the whole event was Korean-Themed? LG partnered with the massively popular K-pop group BTS who served as brand ambassadors for the product! Guests were asked to wear their K-pop-iest, most colorful outfits and standees of the members of BTS were available to the delight of many fans in attendance! Even the trivia game and dance-off challenge was to the tune of K-Pop. We even managed to snag prize by teaming up and winning the trivia game in a “Slumdog Millionaire“-like scenario (but that’s a story for another time.)

Check out these pictures from the fun-filled event!

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We’d like to end on this quote from Mr. Paul Jeon, LG Philippines’ VP for Mobile Communications:

LG is pleased to introduce you to a smartphone that will take you beyond the limits of your imagination, and bring you closer to the things that matter in your life, “The LG G7 ThinQ reflects a new era in smartphone design, the beginning of new AI-powered services and the gateway to a new way of thinking.”

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