Board Game Review – Secret Hitler

Unleash your inner Captain America and the Howling Commandos as this board game will send you back to the second world war to stop the Fascists and Hitler!


Secret Hitler is a deduction game for 5-10 players wherein the players are tasked to find and stop the Secret Hitler.

The game was developed by Golf, Wolff and Cabbage LLC, and was designed by Max Temkin, Mike Boxleiter and Tommy Maranges. It is currently manufactured by Breaking Games and distributed by Black Box.

The game was first introduced in the market in August 2016, and has been nominated for the Golden Geek Best Party Game in that same year. Since its inception, Secret Hitler has become one of the more known and played board game in recent history.

The Rules

The rules of the game is quite simple, the players are secretly divided between two factions, the liberals and the fascist.


To win, the liberals either have to pass the required number of legislation for their party, or to find and kill the secret Hitler.

For the fascists, their objective is to either pass the required number of legislation for the fascist party, or to have make Hitler the Chancellor at a certain point in the game.


At the beginning of the game everyone is ordered to close their eyes. The game master must then instruct the fascists to open their eyes and silently acknowledge each other. The game master will then instruct the Secret Hitler to hold out his thumb so that the fascists would be able to see him. The game master will then instruct Hitler to lower his thumb, and the fascists to close their eyes, after which the players will all be instructed to open their eyes to begin the game.

Once the players know their roles, a President is chosen. The President would then nominate one of the players to become the Chancellor. At this point all the players will either vote Ja! (Yes!) or Nein! (No!) for this appointment. If the majority vote yes, the President will be handed 3 legislation cards which will be either be for liberal or fascist. The President will then discard one card, and pass the remaining two to the Chancellor. The Chancellor will then pick the legislation which he wants to pass, either for liberal or fascist.

president chancellor

Once enacted, the President is then passed on to the next player, and then repeat the same process.


One has to remember that this board game is one of deception and cunning. The main skill that has to be employed here is the art of lying, and the art of detecting lies. Since the Secret Hitler does not know his comrades, he will be relying on his teammates to toe the line and ensure that he does not get killed in the process.

Teamwork is likewise essential in this game, more so for the fascist side. As the game goes along, the roles will start to be defined thanks to the voting for the legislation. However, the most cunning players may play possum at first and enact legislation that will deceive their fellow players when it comes to their allegiance just to gain their trust, and at the end stab them in the back.

It must also be noted that at certain points of the game, as the fascist team starts to enact legislation, certain powers will be available to the President, most notable here is the power to assassinate a player.

This assassination power is a tool for both parties to eliminate rival party members. In fact, the Liberals would be wise to use this to eliminate Hitler as Hitler’s death would result in a win for the Liberals. At this point, this will be a decisive juncture for all players as they may protest to the action. Remember this is a social game, and players may go and verbally defend themselves or their co-players on why or why not a certain player should be assassinated.

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Another notable point in the game is when the fascists are able to enact half of their required legislation. At this point, whenever the Secret Hitler is elected as the Chancellor, the fascists would win.

The game is best played with players who are quick to think on their feet and are well known to adapt to the environment. The critical thinkers and those born with the talent to influence people have the upper-hand in this game.

Having been able to play the game for several times already with different sets of players, I can fairly say that this game is an easy one to pick-up on. There’s a feeling-out process first for all players as some would only truly pick-up on the game after their first try at it. But as the number of games go by, that’s when things get ultra interesting as players now finally get the grasp of the whole mechanics of the game.

The Verdict

Secret Hitler, to my mind, is a classic. Board games were invented to have people interacting and to elicit good times, and Secret Hitler has checked both boxes on that. Aside from that, Secret Hitler is a game that is easy to pick-up and the experience would differ from game to game, thus keeping it fresh and exciting every time you play it.

The price tag on this baby makes it a worthy addition to your board game collection. Everything included in the box is well-made and is worth your hard-earned money.

Secret Hitler

For the price, game play, and the fun that it elicits every single time, we greatly recommend it.

We give it a 5/5!

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