Taipei Game Show and Tokyo Game Show Signed a Partnership Agreement

During  the recently concluded Taipei Game Show (TPGS), representatives from Taipei Computer Association (TCA) and Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association (CESA) signed a memorandum in order to forge a partnership between the two biggest game shows in Asia, Taipei Game Show and Tokyo Game Show (TGS).

The agreement between TPGS and TGS  was signed during a press conference which was held last January 26 in Taipei.  Following the contract signing, the two game shows are expected to share and exchange resources and aim to engage in collaborative marketing activities in the future. One of the biggest goals of this collaboration is to help elevate the venue of the gaming industry in Asia. The chairman of CESA, who visited TPGS for the very first time this year, said that the two game shows will discuss about specific and detailed aspects of the agreement. Though the official details are still yet to be discussed, there is no doubt that this partnership will be instrumental in the development of the gaming industry.


Chairman Hideki Okamura explained that this is the first time in the history of CESA to sign an agreement with an overseas game show. In addition, the relations and communication of gaming industry between Japan and Taiwan will also take a giant leap making new and exciting collaborations possible in the near future.

The 2018 Taipei Game Show kicked off from 25 to 29 of January at Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1. The venue was divided into 2 zones, B2B Zone and B2C Zone. There were up to 34 Japanese game developers, publishers and indie game teams who joined the event, including big companies such as Sony Interactive Entertainment, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Taiwan, SEGA GAMES, Wonder Planet, Square Enix, Cygames, ARC SYSTEM WORKS,, and Cloud Creative Studio. TPGS is an annual event that is know to provide a platform to facilitate communications between Japan and Taiwan in relation to the gaming industry. 


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