The Coolest Booths of Taipei Game Show 2018

Taipei Game Show 2018 was absolutely massive in terms of size and scope! Every corner of the World Trade Center Taipei was covered with cool gaming things to see and experience. Here are some of the coolest booths at the show floor and what you could do at them!


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Sony Playstation arguably had the biggest and most multifaceted booth at Taipei Game Show 2018! Capitalizing on the launch of Monster Hunter World, large sections of the Sony area was adorned in vines and trees all sorts of shrubbery-a sight that’s very seldom seen in a gaming and tech convention. You can also cook some monster meat on the side for a cool photo-op, complete with faux fire and crank handle!

The Sony area also featured a center stage to host its various events, programs and tournaments; a two-floor area housing its PSVR demo area and twin race car setups complete with PSVR Helmets for their GT Sport area. The Booth also had demo sections set-up for Dragon Ball Fighter Z, Dynasty Warriors 8 and NBA 2k18.


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This year, Ubisoft opted to focus on a bunch of different games in their roster instead of on one giant one like they’ve done with The Division in the past. The had an photo op area devoted to the forthcoming Far Cry 5 where con-goers can take a picture with the villanous cult of the game in an scene reminiscent to the Last Supper; There were also statues and standees of Rabbid versions of beloved Nintendo characters from Mario x Rabbids: Kingdom Battle; and a cool very detailed statue of Bayek from the hit Assassin’s Creed Origins; There was also a cool Motorbike parked outside their The Crew 2 area which in addition to having photo-ops with, con-goers can stand to win if their name was drawn from the raffle! How does one get that home, we wonder…

Black Desert Online

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One of the more unexpectedly large booths at Taipei Game Show 2018 was the Black Desert area. For the unfamiliar, Black Desert Online is a massively popular Korean MMORPG that has progressively made its way around the world from 2014 to the present. The game is incredibly eye-catching with its gorgeous visuals and beautiful character designs. The game’s Character Creation suite is supposedly surprisingly robust allowing you to create a wide range of diverse avatars to play as.

At TGS 2018, it was very easy to be drawn to the massive Black Desert Area because of a variety of different reasons. One, the game was showcased on the various screens at all times. Curious con-goers, yours truly included, were enamored by the brilliant colors, beautiful characters and just how seamless the game seems to run in general. Additionally, There was almost something going on on-stage, whether it be a cool musical number, a hype PVP tournament or a cool giveaway, fans flock to their stage area in droves. And finally the Cosplayers that were at the booth were absolutely phenomenal. They were so incredibly accurate that it look like the standees of the characters behind them seemed to have been brought to life at times!

Fate Grand Order

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Here’s another one of those games that haven’t quite hit our shores yet but is massively popular in Taipei. Fate/Grand Order is an online RPG for IOS and Android and is based on the hit anime. The Fate booth gets on this list just because of its sheer size and scale as well as its commitment to provide an immersive space for fans. Every inch of their area was crafted to look like a laboratory or receiving area for a science/tech company (no doubt a nod to the anime that escapes us) and all the attendants were dressed in labcoats and overalls. It was really cool to see them all scurrying and milling about trying to entice con-goers to participate in their experiments!

Square Enix

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The Square Enix booth at TGS 2018 was solely dedicated to one upcoming game: Kingdom Hearts: Union X Cross. The game is a Turn-based RPG for IOS and Android that features the new and familiar Kingdom Hearts characters from the Disney and Final Fantasy Universes as they embark on a new adventure.

The booth itself was adorned with various moving picture frames and stained-glass esque murals playing to the epic fairy themes of the Kingdom Hearts games. The artwork is breathtakingly enchanting and one couldn’t help but to lean in and take a closer look.

The coolest part of the booth however is arguably their main stage area where people can try out the game on the big screen! That’s right! Using a special wand-like device, interested con-goers have the chance to play the game by interacting with huge projection on stage! Players can swipe to attack, call on various summons, and explore the world of the game with the flick of the wand! That’s pretty magical if you ask me!

Honorable Mentions

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These are that booths that didn’t make the cut but we’re pretty cool too!

If you’re interested in more Taipei Game Show 2018 stuff check out the our interview with their contingent that visited the country for ESGS 2017! You can also get your hands on some sweet Taipei Game Show 2018 Merch courtesy of yours truly and The Geek Collective via our Geeky Giveaway here!

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