Have We Already Seen The Soul Stone? Here Are Our 2 Best Theories- Avengers: Infinity War Speculation

The trailer for Avengers: Infinity War just dropped and we’re all caught up in the Avengers hype once again! However, we have not yet seen even a glint of the Soul Stone. or have we? Here are our 2 best guesses where it is!

With AvengersInfinity War being so close, a storyline that revolves around Thanos assembling all of the Infinity Stones on the Infinity Gauntlet, it seems very suspicious that we have not seen the Soul Stone in any form. In fact, we barely know anything about the last remaining Infinity Stone except it’s color (Orange according to a Guardians of the Galaxy Scene) and a hint at its name. If you subscribe to the popular fan theory that the forms of the Stones spell out the word THANOS (Tesseract for the Space Stone, Aether for the Reality Stone, Necklace for the Time Stone, Orb for the Power Stone, and Scepter for the Mind Stone) then the Soul Stone’s current form’s name should start with the letter “H”.

What we do know from the comicbook version of the Soul Stone is that it is an incredibly powerful object capable of sensing, controlling, and draining all souls around it and also trap them in a dimension within the Soul Stone itself. It basically gives its wielder the ability to manipulate life or death in the entire universe.

Knowing what that, here’s theory number 1:

The Heart of Wakanda


Let’s start with our best and most likely theory. In the trailer for Infinity War, the Avengers find themselves separated across the globe to defend the Earth from the invading forces of Thanos. One contingent, consisting of Tony Stark, Doctor Strange, Wong, Bruce Banner and Spider-man, safeguards New York. The other much larger group with Captain America, Black Widow, War Machine, Falcon, Black Panther and the entire Wakandan Army, defends the nation of Wakanda.

Theory: What if the Soul Stone was in the Heart of  Wakanda?

It is very possible that this is the case. Wakanda is a small, secretive nation that has shut itself off from the rest of the world. It is also a self-sufficient, progressive country that has technology far more advanced that the rest of the world depicted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

If the cinematic version of Wakanda is anything like its comicbook counterpart, then the reason for its extreme, exponential growth is because of a meteorite that landed in it ages ago. This meteorite was rich source of Vibranium, a powerful, near indestructible metal that absorbs all the forces applied to it. The ancient Wakandans used this to forge powerful weapons to defend their land from would-be invaders and conquerors. They also used the incredibly valuable material to barter leading to the growth of present day Wakanda.

Where have we seen it:  In the upcoming Black Panther Movie, It might be possible that they would call the meteorite The Heart of Wakanda as it provides the whole nation with its main source of defense and prosperity as well as its progress and success as a country. It might also be possible that this meteorite houses within its core the Soul Stone. It could have been encased vibranium by other-worldly beings and cast out into the galaxy to protect it from the Mad Titan and subsequently crashed landed on earth many centuries ago.

In the Infinity War Trailer, there is an overwhelming number of Thanos’ forces devoted to conquering the Wakanda. The larger contingent of Avengers are also there to defend it setting up an epic confrontation. Clearly there is something of interest to Thanos in the Wakanda and the Avengers will fight to keep it away from him.



Admittedly, This one is a bit out there but it’s pretty plausible (and pretty rad). Hear us out:

In Thor Ragnarok, Hela the goddess of death, wielded the ancient Asgardian Artifact called the Eternal Flame to resurrect Fallen Asgardian Soldiers from their graves to serve as her army. At the end of the movie, Hela is seemingly slain by the fire demon Surtur, as it triggered Ragnarok, obliterating the entire Realm of Asgard. But what if she wasn’t killed in the blast?

Theory: What if Hela was bonded to the Eternal Flame somehow through the destruction of Asgard and all its fallen souls and was born again into the Soul stone?

Where have we seen it: In one mid-credits scene of Thor: Ragnarok, The escaping Asgardian Vessel helmed by Thor and Loki are intercepted by a gargantuan craft that presumably belongs to Thanos. Judging by our trailer breakdown, it would seem like he was coming for the Tesseract in the possession of Loki. But he might’ve gone for a sweet little 2-for-1 deal swiping the Soul Stone from the ashes of Asgard, then the Tesseract a few lightyears away.

What better way to bring that something called the Soul Stone to existence than by being forged from the the Goddess of death infused with the destruction of her entire world by the single most destructive apocalypse in existence?

Also if you didn’t notice, Hela’s name *clears throat* starts with an “H”


Boom. Mic Drop. Thank you I’ll be here all night.

Yeah we told you it was out there. Also we’ve been wrong about these things before.  But please don’t let that stop you from telling us how we’re wrong in all 46,789 ways in the comments below.

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What are your theories about the Soul Stone? Please let us know in the comments below! We’d love to hear from you! Also, jump over to our FacebookTwitter , Youtube, and Instagram. or Email us at geekendgladiators@gmail.com

Raffy Leynes is a geek of all trades (master of fun).He loves videogames, comicbooks, movies, 90’s cartoons, wrestling, and art. Lately, he’s been liking his geekery with a dash of “Indie”. He doesn’t know what the f*ck musings are but he is told he does them on his InstagramFacebook and Twitter.


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