KIX’s R U Tough Enough 2017 Proudly Crowns Its First Igorot Champion!

 After a grueling afternoon filled with tests of strength, agility and fortitude, KIX Channel’s R U Tough Enough 2017 hails Renz Lou Lagria as the Philippines’ Toughest Pinoy!

KIX’s RUTE 2017 Toughest Pinoy Renz Lou Lagria with Ambassdor Arnold Aninion
 The accomplishment is no small feat as Renz, a 20 year-old Igorot from Baguio City, made it through a pool of hundreds of eager contestants across the nation; conquered a battery of incredible tests; and prevailed against 9 other finalists at this year’s  KIX R U Tough Enough? Final Showdown held at SM Mall of Asia last October 20. 
As we previously covered, in this third year of the competition, RUTE introduced the “Man vs. Woman” edition with ambassadors Arnold Aninion and Aubrey Miles mentoring their respective teams. Hundreds tried out for the title but only 5 men and 5 women faced off in the  R U Tough Enough?  Final Showdown in MOA.

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The gauntlet of challenges was an incredible sight to behold and filled the Music Hall of SM Mall of Asia with gargantuan structures in a seemingly impossible gauntlet. There was Wall Climbing Area, A Giant Tire Deadlift section, A Rope Climbing Ramp and plenty of heavy stuff to lift, push and pull around. They even threw in a straight-up biking section and a memory challenge for good measure!
But through it all Renz Lou Lagria, blazed across to go on to the Final Male vs. Female Showdown where he edged out the fiery female champion, Joanna Marie Tantoco to win the title of Toughest Pinoy and to take home the cash prize of a whopping P250,000!
Renz is the epitome of toughness throughout the competition and outside it. He shared that he constantly trains hard and pushed himself without the aid of any professional trainer. Through this he has developed a strong sense of focus dedication, discipline. This was in full display at the competition as he never once considered to quit.
He says:
“Never. Hindi ko hinayaang may makapasok na negative sa isip ko. Iniisip ko lang na I can do everything, I can do it.” (Never. I never let any negative thoughts get to me. I just think that I can do everything, that I can do it.)
He adds that his family serves as another strong source of motivation for him as they have been instrumental throughout his fitness journey. The New Toughest Pinoy states that as early as 8 years old his father would bring him to gyms and various sporting events. It was in these times that he fostered a love for health and fitness. Renz  also shares that his family is also his number one inspiration and was ecstatic to see have them come all the way from Baguio to witness his big win at the RUTE Final Showdown.

Beyond the glory, the title and the prizes, Renz views his victory as an opportunity to play a more active role in the fitness industry.  He wants to share his love and value of fitness to all the people he can reach out to and spread the true meaning of toughness that he embodies so well.

“Dinededicate ko po ito lahat ng mga nag e-effort dyan. Yung mga negative, mga low ang self-esteem, kasi I’ve been there eh. Fitness actually helped me to be confident, to believe in myself. Fitness really did a lot, chinange nya yung attitude ko, yung mindset ko, yung discipline ko,” shared Renz.

 (I dedicate this win to all those who are making an effort [to improve themselves]. To those who are having negative thoughts, to those who have low self-esteem, I dedicate this to them because I’ve been there. Fitness actually helped me to be confident and to believe in myself. Fitness really did a lot, it changed my attitude, my mindset and my discipline.)

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