Hugot – Card Game Review

Ever heard of the saying “Everyone you meet is fighting their own battle”? Well, this card game “Hugot” took that saying and flipped it into a fun, no-holds barred card game that everyone from all walks of life can enjoy and relate to.

Hugot, a Filipino term, meaning to draw from is best known in the Philippines as a means of letting out one’s own feelings or opinions for all sorts of stuff that elicits any type of feeling. Usually, this term is prevalent when one talks about a past flame or even a current flame.

Hugot, the card game, takes this to a whole new level by having its players react to a specific idea or situation and hash out their feelings or past experiences to it.

The Rules

The card game is pretty straight-forward and takes the mechanics of “Cards Against Humanity”. An active player draws a card from the red hugot pile, which contains specific scenarios such as “describe mo ang crush mo” (describe your crush). The other players would then pick a black hugot card, which contains a single word, from their hand and make a hugot out of it. The one with the best hugot wins the round. The first to five points wins the game.

The Gameplay

Being a straightforward game, it’s pretty much easy to pick-up and play with a group of friends. The game definitely ranks as an easy game and players do not need to be hardcore board game/card game players to grasp the simplicity of it all.

The respective hugot cards are also well put together be it the scenario cards or the hugot cards. The game also ensures that no one game will have the same results with each player drawing from their own unique experiences.


Hugot, though, also has its short-comings. However, these short-comings may be attributed to the players themselves. The game relies heavily on the player’s wit and creativity, inevitably, there will be that one player who would have difficulty in coming up with their own unique, witty, and funny hugot for a particular scenario or particular hugot card.

The Verdict

Hugot is one of those great icebreaker games for parties and gatherings that would get people talking and laying their hearts out for people. It would also be one of those great games to play when one of your friends is suffering from a heartbreak or other dark troubled times.

It is one of the easier games to pick-up from the drawer with a simple and straight-forward game play. The only downside here is that it takes some quick wits and imagination for all the players to have a truly awesome time.

The price tag for the game (P499.00) may look rather steep, but the quality of the playing cards greatly justify its tag.

For the price, game play, and fun that it delivers, Hugot ranks as a 4.5/5 on the Geekend Gladiators’ scale and is a highly recommended purchase whenever you see it.

Hugot is currently sold at various board game and card game stores in the Philippines and may also be bought online. Hugot is created and developed by Ludus.

Gino is the Gladiators’ resident TV and comicbook aficionado. He is Matt Murdock by profession in the day, without the vigilante crime fighting at night. He believes that the lightsaber is the best weapon during a zombie apocalypse.


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