Our ESGS 2017 Best Of The Show Award Winners!

ESGS 2017 was an amazing spectacle of all things gaming. There were massive booths, crazy cosplays and impressive games in every which way you went on the show floor. This year, Geekend Gladiators took the time to appreciate the awesome standouts at the show and award them for all their tremendous work and dedication.

Here are your winners for our Best of the Show Award for ESGS 2017!


The Dominic Toretto Award For Excellence


ESGS 2017 brought out the best in this year’s exhibitors. The PS4 booth welcomed the challenge and designed a massive booth smack-dab in the middle of ESGS. While there were tons of areas for the PS4 booth (NBA 2k18, Call of Duty, Marvel vs. Capcom), the main stand-out for us was the Gran Turismo rig.

That small corner for Gran Turismo: Sport really stood out with its driving set-up. The booth really puts you in the driver seat, figuratively and literally, by putting a car seat, a racing wheel, and the foot pedals for you to control instead of the PS4 controllers. The result? An almost perfect driving simulation. The screen in front of you acts as if you have a windshield right in front of you; the steering wheel also gives you the illusion that you are really driving a car with the resistance and wheel balancing down to a T. The foot pedals are also quite responsive.

For that we award The GT: Sport area at the Playstation Booth the Dominic Toretto Award for Excellence. 

Game Of The Show


In many ways, ESGS 2017 exceeded our expectations. Everything was bigger and crazier. There were a lot of awesome games and gaming-related stuff to take in.

Despite all that, one booth and one game stood out, the Ubisoft Assassin’s Creed Origins booth. As we first entered the hall all we can think about was, “We need to be in that booth NOW”. Lucky us there was just a short line there, and when it was our turn, We savored every minute. The gameplay is a departure from the other Assassin’s Creed, in the best sense possible. The combat felt meatier and more robust and the graphics were stunning in every sense of the word–you could just sit there and not move around just take-in all that awesomeness. The controls for movement and combat felt more streamlined and easier to use. The year off that Ubisoft took to retool the franchise really seemed to have paid dividends. At least in the short time that we were able to experience the game.

All in all, We’re am really hyped to buy and play the game, as soon as possible. That’s why Assassin’s Creed: Origins earns this year’s our Game of the Show for this year’s ESGS!

The What-Even-Is-That Award


Our What-Even-Is-That Award was given to this Beast of a Rig over at the MSI Booth. It is supposedly a Gaming PC but we would blame you for thinking it was a miniature tank-like drone built for warfare. Seriously, What even is that?


The Best Cosplayer Award


Our Best Cosplayer Award goes to Alice Whyte’s fantastic cosplay of Mercy from Overwatch. Her costume is so immaculately detailed and recreated from her Caduceus Staff  right up to the iconic Valkyrie Wings. It doesn’t hurt that Alice absolutely looks the part as well. This Mercy was on call for all 3 days as she watched over the crowd from the Hyper X Booth. What a trooper!

The Provocateur Award


Our Provocateur Award goes to Most Played Games‘ new hit mobile game: Master Shaker. The game is simple, Shake your mobile device and achieve the highest number of shakes you can within the given time. The underlying *wink, wink* aspect of the game doesn’t escape us but it also didn’t deter us from trying out the game. Apparently, weren’t the only one as the vigorous gyrations seemed to attract a regular crowd at the booth-exemplifying the true meaning of provocateur.

Master Shaker also wins the award for “Game-To-Most-Likely-Be-Played-At-The-MRT-Award“.

The Best Art Direction Award


The Best Art Direction Award goes to Ingenuity Games and their awesome narrative-driven adventure game: Mayari. We were immediately blown away by the colorful style of the game’s presentation and animation in our short hand’s on with it in the Indie Arena. Mayari’s designs for its environments and characters invoke a South East Asian vibe with a vibrant and moody color palette that drapes it amazing imagery.

As a text-less adventure game, Mayari’s tone and feel, as well as it’s story, is primarily inferred from the visuals. This is testament to how beautiful and well-crafted its art is.

Find out more about Mayari in our Interview with the artists here.

The Most Improved Game Award


Shots Fired was a standout at last year’s ESGS and at its state then it was already a pretty solid game. This year, the people at Chryse have brought the newest version of Shots Fired complete with a whole host of improvements and additions.

For people who aren’t familiar, Shots Fired is sort of like a cross between Silent Scope and Where’s Waldo. Players play the role of a Sniper hired to take out a specific target. In the preparation part of the game you get a case file filled with various clues as to what your target would look like. A receipt for a new red sweater; a text detailing a companion he or she might be with; or note setting up an appointment to meet at a certain area in the map. It is your job to piece these clues together to make sure that when you head out, you kill the correct target.

This year, Shots Fired has a whole host of new improvements: More Levels, All new Targets,  A new UI for the Set-up Phase; and an entirely new Getaway mini game; all presented with a fresh coat of polish on its stylish pixel art graphics. The people at Chryse have evidently been hard at work, that’s why Shots Fired earns our Most Improved Game Award.

The Creepiest Crawlie Award


We have another MSI monstrosity on our hands for this award and we mean that quite literally. The Creepiest Crawlie goes to this rig named “Weyland Corp” by Francis Ryan De Jesus. This sweet gaming machine is a nod Ridley Scott’s Alien franchise, with its weathered and rusted casing resembling the Nostromo, as well as the gigantic Facehugger crawling on the outside of the tower.

Just writing about this gives our skin the heebie jeebies.

The Host-With-The-Most Award


We feel like there’s not enough recognition for all the hard work and preparation hosts put in during big events like these. They’re out there busting their tails on crazy schedules, thinking on the fly, making sure everything goes according to plan; all while being entertaining and cheerful in front of dozens if not hundreds of people

So in recognition of his stellar job during ESGS Weekend, Our Host-With-Whe-Most Award goes to Eri Neeman! Eri killed it every time he had the mic in his hands, whether he was on the show floor conducting mini tournaments and giveaways or up on Main Stage in front of everyone in attendance. His infectious energy, quick-witted quips and colorful commentary would easily catch the interest of the audience in whatever segment he was in. Add to that the fact that, Eri always seemed to be on top of the every situation he was in. Best of all, it was apparent he was having fun doing what he does. That sort of awesomeness is absolutely deserving of a shout out! Good job, man!

The Best Presentation Award


Our Best Presentation Award goes to the Synergy 88 Game Hub!  How could it not? Every time we would pass by their area there’s almost always something loud and crazy happening. Whether it’s their booth babes and cosplayers tearing up the floor with a dance number or an actual DJ playing music to get the everyone hyped to play their games; it always seemed to be an awesome party at the Synergy 88 Game Hub. They even gave out free donuts to every one who would drop by their booth!

The good people at Synergy 88 definitely know what it takes to get people’s attention and with their vast selection of playable games, they certainly managed to keep it. Now that’s Synergy for you!

Congratulations to all the winners! You are true awesome trailblazers at what you do! See you all again next year!

Do you have any awards or honorable mentions for ESGS 2017?  We’d love to hear from you! Also, jump over to our FacebookTwitter , Youtube, and Instagram. or Email us at geekendgladiators@gmail.com

Raffy Leynes is a geek of all trades (master of fun).He loves videogames, comicbooks, movies, 90’s cartoons, wrestling, and art. Lately, he’s been liking his geekery with a dash of “Indie”. He doesn’t know what the f*ck musings are but he is told he does them on his InstagramFacebook and Twitter.

Denise Aquino is the Gladiator’s Vinyl Valkyrie. She’s been following the WWE since it’s glory days in the 90’s.  Find her on Twitter @moreaurora 😉

Gino is the Gladiators’ resident TV and comicbook aficionado. He is Matt Murdock by profession in the day, without the vigilante crime fighting at night. He believes that the lightsaber is the best weapon during a zombie apocalypse.

Phoebe is a lawyer wanna-be by day and moonlights as the Gladiators’ all around girl. She dabbles in arts and crafts and loves writing about the dark side of the moon. She believes that someday, she’ll learn how to draw a human being and her secret ambition is to be a chemist. She is a contradiction. #Awesome


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