Predicting GoT Character’s Deaths

Game of Thrones Season 7 just recently ended and with the next season slated for release in 2019, fans are left to cook up some theories and are left to imagine how the final season will turn out.

Recently, though, a Redditor by the username “razobak09” posted an interesting theory regarding the deaths of major GoT characters and how the show telegraphs just how these characters would meet their maker.

For those unfamiliar with this theory, here’s his theory:

Essentially his theory suggests that the death of the main characters, both the villains and the protagonists, is determined by his iconic “deed/s”. By deeds I mean the way he killed a character/s in the course of GoT.

Following theory, we put on our tin-foil hats and started to make our own theories on the deaths of the remaining GoT characters. Here’s what we cooked-up:



Now, going by razobak09’s theory, Cersei is best known for the massacre that she orchestrated when she blew up the Baelor in Episode 10 of Season 6 by using wild fire. This explosion resulted to the deaths of Marjorie, Loras, the High Sparrow, and a few hundred Westerosi attending the hearing.

Cersei Sept of Baelor

However, Queen Cersei has been the subject of various fan-theories in the past years including the famous Valonquar theory. The Valonquar theory is based on a witch’s prophecy where the witch prophesized that Cersei will die at the hands of her little brother.

tyrion jaime

So how do we reconcile these theories? The best explanation here is that Cersei’s death will start with a betrayal from either of her brothers. Judging from the closing moments of Season 7, Tyrion and Cersei may have struck a deal which would likely be the source of betrayal on the part of Tyrion while the living fight the dead. The betrayal could also come from Jaime in the same way that he betrayed Aerys. Jaime’s betrayal could come at the most opportune time for Dany and Aegon/Jon just when Cersei starts breaking the truce and starts lopping off heads of her temporary allies.

Either of these betrayals would then result in one thing:

Daenerys Dracarys

Yup! The valonquar theory would stay in place due to the betrayal of one of Cersei’s little brothers, and also her death coming at the hands of fire, dragon fire to be exact.


Jaime Lannister

Jaime, the so-called Kingslayer, has been best known for killing the Mad King King Aerys Targaryen by betraying the King and at the same time breaking his oath as a King’s Guard, by driving a sword through King Aerys’ back.

Jaime Bronn

If we go by the theory presented, then Jaime might just suffer the same fate as that of King Aerys. A possible scenario here is having someone he truly trusts, let’s say Bronn who changes allegiances seeing that Dany will win the war and after being promised much gold, betrays him while the Lannister’s make their last stand at King’s Landing by driving a sword through Jaime’s back. Poetic justice, but something that many viewers may not want to see.


Euron Greyjoy

The King of Iron Island’s most noteworthy kill was that of Baylon Greyjoy. Euron killed his brother Baylon earlier on when he met Baylon on the bridge during one stormy night and after much struggle, successfully threw him off the bridge

Euron Baylon

While this kill was not as gruesome or spoken about, this still serves as Euron’s most and only noteworthy kill in the show. Now, how would Euron meet his demise? Would it be ironic for him to be thrown off the same bridge by either Yara or Theon? I certainly hope so. What would even be better is to have Theon do the honors of throwing Euron off the bridge, not only avenging Baylon’s death but also redeeming Theon at the same time. This will serve as Theon’s road to redemption after all his shortcomings in the past years.

Theon Yara


Arya Stark

While it pains me to write or even imagine Arya being killed on the show, I have a duty to discuss her possible demise on the show’s next and final season. Arya has been known to have killed a lot of major despicable characters on the show from Ser Meryn Trant, to Walder Frey, and recently Petyr Baelish/Littlefinger.

Arya Walder Frey

The common denominator for majority of her kills is attributed to her connection with the faceless men of Braavos. She assassinated Ser Meryn Trant while posing as a teenage prostitute; when she killed the Frey’s she likewise impersonated people.

Jaqen H'ghar

Arya’s death would thus be connected with her would be assassin impersonating someone she trusts. Logic would have it that the faceless men, led by Jaqen H’ghar would seek out Arya’s death when the faceless men join forces with the Golden Company when Cersei summons them. But a more shocking death here would have the Waif kill Arya. This is more shocking for the simple reason that the waif appeared to have been killed by Arya in Season 6, only to reappear again and be revealed that the whole thing was staged.



It’s no secret that Melisandre’s trademark kill is burning tributes at the pike, and her most notable one was that of Shireen Baratheon. In Melisandre’s defense, she believed that this was what was needed to be done for Stannis to win and claim the Iron Throne. This, however, was a huge misfire for her, which led to her being cast away by Jon Snow in Season 6.


So how would she die? By being burned at the pike of course. As to who would do this remains up in the air. There may be reason to believe that this may come at the hands or order of Cersei seeing what she has done to the High Sparrow. Melisandre might rub Cersei the wrong way, or might pose a threat to Qyburn who would then manipulate Cersei to execute Melisandre. She may also meet the lord of light if Dany were to execute her after realizing that Melisandre once supported Stannis and caused so much suffering during that time.


The Mountain

The Mountain has a long list of notable kills during this show’s history, and even before the events of Game of Thrones, but his most notable one was that of Oberyn’s. The Mountain, if you could remember, killed Oberyn in a trial by combat by smashing his head in and turning it into a pulp. His most powerful weapon, of course, being his hands.


Now, there’s no secret that fans of the show have been clamouring for a Clegane-bowl to happen, and were expecting that one would ensue in Season 7’s finale, but unfortunately none transpired. Hopes are still up for the show’s final season. Why do I bring-up the Clegane-bowl? Well that’s because The Hound will finally defeat The Mountain, and at the same time kill him.


The Mountain will be killed at the hands of The Hound. As to the manner of how The Mountain will be killed, again based on the theory, The Mountain’s head would be smashed in by his brother. This would preferably be done by shoving The Mountain’s head to the ground the same way he did to The Hound  when they were children. This time though, the head would not be shoved on a fire, but on something hard and blunt that would be enough to cave-in The Mountain’s head.

That rounds up our gruesome theories of Game of Thrones deaths. Do you think we missed some other characters or theories on character deaths, or have one of your own? Let us know in the comments section below or jump over to our FacebookTwitter , Youtube, and Instagram. or Email us at

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