Superheroes Who Deserve Their Own Videogame

At one point or another, we’ve all dreamed of becoming a superhero. While having superpowers is out of the question, we could all still become a superhero through videogames. And with the success of the Arkham franchise, the Injustice games, and even the Tell Tale superhero games, there’s little to no doubt that the next medium for the comic book/superhero genre to dominate is the videogame realm. The sad part about this, though, is that there are few successful comic book video games in the market, despite the existence of the aforementioned properties and the expected success of the Spider-man game. On that note, we here at have come up with our own list of superheroes who deserve their own video game titles, and also a possible game play for their respective video games.


Green Arrow

The Green Arrow has enjoyed success in terms of comic book sales and the small screen thanks in large part to the CW’s Arrow. So why not take that positive momentum and bring it over to the realm of video games.

The Emerald Archer deserves to have his own video game in due to his tragic back story and interesting rogues gallery. Imagine having a hand to hand combat boss fight against Deathstroke, or having to fight off the powers of Count Vertigo, or having an archer vs. archer boss battle with Komodo. Not only that, this video game could also take part in the Arrowverse and present to us a grounded approach to Green Arrow’s world and Star City, while also introducing some of the more popular Arrow characters helping out from time to time.

Just imagine a Green Arrow game with a fusion of the scope and vastness of the Arkham games along with the various tools and arrows in Oliver’s quiver, with the assassination mechanics and parkour skills of an assassin ala Assassin’s Creed. If that doesn’t sound like an interesting and enticing video game, then I do not know what else could.


Black Widow

Natasha Romanov aka Black Widow has been a hero on the rise, especially with the depiction of Scarlett Johansson in the MCU. However, despite having a solid fan base and a rich source material, the folks at Marvel have yet translated this popularity into a solo outing for Black Widow. For her fans, having a Black Widow might just sate that yearning.

A Black Widow game would be served best by adopting Natasha’s time in the Red Room in the first few chapters of the game, then have her unleashed on the world as the world’s premiere femme fatale, and ending with her subsequent defect from Russia. This game would benefit largely by adopting the same game play and sand box approach introduced by MGSV: Phantom Pain. Being the world’s best assassin, the player is given the choice on how to approach the objective and be given carte blanche on its execution, whether by close-quarters assassinations, or long-range/sniper kills. The sand box approach though would have to also be controlled to follow a storyline which would result to the end that the creators have in mind.

The beauty of focusing on Black Widow’s origins is that by having this, the character introduced in the MCU would not have to be modified or changed to conform and clash with the current narrative of the MCU. Instead, by depicting her origin story, the MCU Black Widow will even have a more solid back story, and may even strengthen her character even more.


Captain America

Captain America has proved to be a box office draw on whatever medium he may be depicted, so why not give him his own video game title?

The catch on Captain America’s game though would be to have him back as a S.H.I.E.L.D. operative, akin to the MCU Cap in Winter Soldier. By having him as an operative or agent, it limits his superhero-ing and the risk of appearing overpowered as he is bound by rules and the parameters of the mission. Another plus for having him as an agent is the fact that the game may incorporate his great leadership skills by having him instruct members of his team.

Truth be told, the opening sequence of Captain America: Winter Soldier felt like being immersed in the middle of a video game with all the eye-popping spy/action sequences. Just picture this, Steve Rogers acting or playing the part of Solid Snake or Agent 47. That is truly a sight to behold.



John Constantine’s image has been relatively restored the past few years with the recent TV series giving fans a taste of how John Constantine should have been handled, unlike the Keanu Reeves led movie of yesteryears. The sad part about this is that despite doing John Constantine right, TV executives have cancelled the TV show.

A good way to rehabilitate Constantine’s image is to give him a video game. The game would be setup as primarily a detective game and having his abilities and powers as tools to uncover the clues and ultimately solve the mystery. Having Constantine battle demons similar to how Dante does in the Devil May Cry franchise would be the template for this games, sans the gunslinger and sword mode and instead have him cast spells to defeat the demons. Having the game set in the horror genre would also do this game justice.


Ant Man

Admit it, hearing Ant-Man get his solo movie was perplexing and kept you wondering about the execution of the movie, but Marvel delivered on Ant-Man showcasing his powers and incorporating it into something special.

Now, admit it, hearing a proposal of an Ant-Man video game also makes you wonder about its execution. This game can take its cue from side scroller/puzzle based games such as Little Big Planet and Little Nightmares. Honestly, this would be more of a child-friendly game rather than a hardcore AAA game. In this game, Ant-Man is stuck in his Ant-Man form and will have to utilize his wits and his ability to communicate with ants to regain the ability to return to regular human size while navigating puzzles and obstacles.



Out of all the heroes on this list, having a Daredevil game is a tall order. Daredevil’s powers would not bode well in the video game platform, but there’s a work around to this.

By having the game be story-driven rather than an all-out action game, this game may find its footing. The game would focus not only on Daredevil the hero, but also as Matt Murdock the lawyer. Setting-up the game by having Matt make choices which affect the game’s events down the road, like that of Heavy Rain, will be the motor of this game. So by having a story based on the player’s choices, the narrative will be set. As for the issue of playing a blind superhero, a work around here is to have Daredevil operate in blind-mode, like that of Batman in the Arkham games. The catch here is that the picture is incomplete. The players have to make or find their own way of piecing the picture together either by creating sound like that of a sonar, or external factors such as rain or the like, with only hard objects being shown to the players.

That’s the list of superheroes who we would like to get their own video game franchises. Have a list different from ours, or did we make a glaring omission? Let us know in the comment section below or jump over to our FacebookTwitter , Youtube, and Instagram. or Email us at

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Gino is the Gladiators’ resident TV and comicbook aficionado. He is Matt Murdock by profession in the day, without the vigilante crime fighting at night. He believes that the lightsaber is the best weapon during a zombie apocalypse.


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