The Transforminator: Arnold Aninion On Training, Toughness and Transformation

Everyone wants to be a healthier version of themselves, we’ve all been there. But as we all eventually find out, staying fit and living healthy isn’t exactly a cake walk. We’ve tried the fad diets, the trendy workout routines and even enrolled in gyms every so often but sometimes we feel like were just not getting the results we want. If you want to break out of this cycle, national rugby player, fitness guru and R U Tough Enough? Co-ambassador, Arnold Aninion shares the secret.

Arnold Aninion is one of the ambassadors of this year’s R U Tough Enough? (which we wrote about here) and he believes that the secret to success is being tough. He clarifies that he’s not just talking about physical strength but also mental toughness as well. “Being physically strong alone doesn’t do the trick anymore“, he says. “The mental aspect of toughness is needed to being successful in any aspect in life, especially in health and fitness” he adds. Arnold also believes that “Toughness is more than a fad, it is a way of life” citing that the discipline in making a lifestyle centered on your healthy choices and actually sticking with it for the long term is what leads to the results we want“.

When Arnold Aninion says something about fitness, we are immediately inclined to take his word for it. The man has represented the country on the international stage for rugby as part of the Philippine Volcanoes. He has also forged himself into a trusted fitness trainer to the stars, mentoring several famous celebrities such as Solenn Heussaff, Anne Curtis and Isabelle Daza.

However, Arnold’s biggest fitness story is his high-profile transformation of Raymond Gutierrez. The actor/host expressed his intention to be healthier and stronger and in just three months, Arnold was able to coach and guide Raymond to losing a massive 22 kilograms!  He says that his experience with Arnold was something that he will always remember. He also added that it wasn’t just a physical battle, it was also a battle of the mind, once again reinforcing Arnold’s fitness mentality.

Raymond’s transformation wasn’t exactly easily though; there were many pitfalls and roadblocks along the way. Various temptations and peak and valleys of motivation all stood between him and his progress. Arnold remembers a period in the first month where Raymond began to slow down and felt like he was never going to lose weight. Arnold recalls telling him “The best thing you could do right now is focus on the journey and learn from it.” This helped Raymond keep motivated and a few months later he had a 22 kilo weight loss to be proud of. Since then the Gutierrez twin has increased his phenomenal weight loss to 65 Kilos all thanks to hard work, discipline and of course toughness.

So do you think have what it take to be tough like Arnold? Join Team Arnold and the rest of the Men as they face of against the Women, led by Co-ambassador Aubrey Miles at Kix Channel’s R U Tough Enough? Hurry and register, slots are filling up soon!

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Raffy Leynes is a geek of all trades (master of fun).He loves videogames, comicbooks, movies, 90’s cartoons, wrestling, and art. Lately, he’s been liking his geekery with a dash of “Indie”. He doesn’t know what the f*ck musings are but he is told he does them on his InstagramFacebook and Twitter.


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