How Netflix Stole the Show at Asia Pop Comic Con 2017!

The Netflix booth at Asia Pop Comic Con was easily the most awe-inspiring thing at the show this year. It was like an interactive, mini-theme park for all our favorite Netflix shows. But just how awesome was it? Let us count the ways.

The Theme Park You Never Knew You Wanted

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In the massive booth, were areas devoted to Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black, The Defenders, Riverdale and even the newly released Death Note Movie, all accessed through a central hallway made to look like Hell’s Kitchen/ Harlem from the Netflix MCU shows. Each of the areas were interactive in different ways: The Stranger Things area featured the iconic Byers living room with the static TV set and the Christmas light Alphabet. You could then literally crawl through a portal through to the Upside Down where there may or may not be a Demigorgon lurking. You can then emerge outside to the Hawkins Military Facility where Eleven was created in and exit through a Van into the Orange is the Black section. There, among the accurately decorated prison cells, the Inmates will be waiting to take your mugshot, put on your mascara and make Duct Tape Slippers with you just like in the show. Across the way from the Prison and through the streets of Harlem and Hell’s Kitchen, you’ll find the Death Note VR Interactive Experience, where players with be given the power over the Death Note and will be confronted with a moral choice. Finally, after all that you can grab a booth at Pop’s Diner from Riverdale where they actually serve you milkshakes as you chill out with your friends!

Not Your Average Con Kiosks

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These weren’t just your average con kiosks either, The Netflix areas were large sections of con floor inside an huge central Hub where people can walk around in and explore. On top of that, You can tell that each area was lovingly recreated and crafted in painstaking fashion.  To walk into a new area was to walking into a whole new world it seemed like and if you looked just right, you’d swear you were transported to each of the shows universes. Family pictures and heirlooms adorn the walls of the Byers Home while familiar locales such as Josie’s Bar and Genghis Connie’s are present along the main street of the Booth–The Jukebox at Pop’s Diner even plays Music to go along with your free milkshake!

Astounding Attendants

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Finally, A massive shoutout has to go the attendants manning the Netflix Booth. They were seriously amazing. They were incredibly helpful and ensured that literally everyone going through the booth had a great experience. They would point out all the cool elements in the room, tirelessly offer to take your picture, help hold your things and happily engage in casual conversation with people about the various Netflix shows you liked. Someone even came up to this Gladiator (I was in cosplay at the time) and helped me take pictures in the different areas. She even said “You guys worked so hard on your costumes they deserve to be shown off”

One of our most memorable moments with them was at the very end of the attraction where the last attendant at the exit went “Don’t forget to use the hashtag #NetflixAtAPCC!” (They show photos with the hashtag on the screen outside). She then followed up with “Speaking of not forgetting, Here’s an In-memoriam candle for Barb” as she handed us a Stranger Things Scented Candle with a drawing of Barb that said “RIP Barb” on it.

Absolutely fantastic. Well played, Netflix, Well played.


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