All the Valyrian Steel We Know (so far) In Game of Thrones and Who Wields Them

In the second half of Game of Thrones Season 7, the focus now shifts towards the much-anticipated war between the living and the dead, as Night King’s forces are inching their way south. As it appears, our heroes have an uphill battle when it comes to defeating the white walkers with the lack of available dragon glass. Just recently, Jon Snow struck a deal with Daenerys to allow him and his men to mine dragon glass from Dragonstone.

Game of Thrones

However, we do know that dragon glass is not the only weapon that can kill white walkers, as a good old Valyrian steel can do the trick as well. Problem is, with the fall of Valyria, there’s just no one left who makes Valyrian steel. Luckily, there are a handful of them left in Westeros.

Here’s the remaining Valyrian steel, and the characters who currently wield them.



Currently Wielded by Jon Snow

Longclaw is by far one of the most recognizable swords in the Game of Thrones universe. Formerly belonging to house Mormont, the sword was handed down to Jon Snow by Jeor Mormont when Jon saved Jeor. The sword was supposed to be handed down to Jorah Mormont, but seeing that Jeor was relegated to the Night’s Watch and Jorah exiled from Westeros, Jeor instead handed it to Jon.

To date, Longclaw has seen the most battles in all of the remaining Valyrian Steel on Game of Thrones, and is expected to have more battles in the future. Longclaw is also the only sword that has killed a white walker on screen.




Currently in Arya Stark’s possession

Catspaw is another Valyrian Steel with a storied history in Game of Thrones. If you could remember, this was the same knife that launched the war of the five kings, which was caused by the attempt on the life of Bran Stark. This, of course, was one of those intricately placed pieces by Petyr Baelish in his attempt to climb the political ladder.

As history goes, the Catspaw was the dagger that was supposed to kill Bran Stark, leading Catelyn Stark to believe that it was Tyrion Lannister who plotted the assassination. This started a chain of events that have brought about the tangled and complicated war brewing in Westeros. Of course, it was of sweet irony that Bran, after receiving the Catspaw from Littlefinger, gave the dagger to Arya. Only time will tell if this same dagger would be used to kill Littlefinger.




Currently in Brienne of Tarth’s possession

The Oathkeeper was forged from Ned Stark’s sword, Ice, and was designated to Jaime Lannister. However, due to Jaime’s hand, or lack thereof, he gave Oathkeeper to Brienne both as a sign of gratitude to Brienne and as a means to keep her promise to Catelyn to protect Sansa and Arya.



widow's wail

Currently in Jaime Lannister’s possession

The other half of Ice is named Widow’s Wail. A name given to it by the universally hated King Joffrey. The Widow’s Wail was presented as a wedding present to Joffrey in the famous Red Wedding. Joffrey gave the name Widow’s Wail shortly after slicing in half Tyrion’s gift to him.

Following Joffrey’s death, the Widow’s Wail was handed over to Jaime Lannister. Recently, the Widow’s Wail has been seen in High Garden during the sacking of the Tyrell stronghold and the ensuing battle between the Dothraki and Daenerys.




Currently in Samwell Tarly’s possession

While most of the Valyrian Steel were given to their current possessors, Heartsbane, on the other hand was taken by Sam from its previous place. The Heartsbane is a family greatsword for the house Tarly and was supposed to be handed to Sam if he proved to be worthy of the Tarly name. However, when he returned home, his father felt that Sam failed him and will never live up to the Tarly name. Before leaving for the Citadel, Sam took the sword, against his father’s wishes, to further study the sword.

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