Dude Perfect Successfully Makes The Leap from Internet to TV

Internet Stunts and Comedy group Dude Perfect has made the jump from the Web to Mainstream Television with The Dude Perfect Show, premiering this July 26Wednesday 9pm Philippine time on the KIX Channel!

For the uninitiated, Dude Perfect has made a living off of mind-blowing tricks and stunt videos on Youtube since 2009. You may have seen some of their amazing shots on the internet somewhere seeing as the’ve had over 3.2 billion total views and 20 million subscribers as of July 2017. Some of their most popular videos include Trick Shots involving Ping Pong Balls, Nerf Blasters, and more recently Fidget Spinners!

Dude Perfect has also added to their roster of content they have in the recent years with collaborations with celebrity guest stars like Chris Paul, Dale Earnhardt Jr and Aaron Rodgers. They also launched an internal group competition called Battles where the guys go through gauntlet of dares and challenges for points. DP has also made a foray into the comedy market with their Stereotypes Series which features skits based on exaggerated stereotypes from all walks of life.

Dude Perfect is composed of: Tyler Toney “The Bearded Guy” the hyper-competitive captain of the group; Cody Jones “The Tall Guy” the lovable prankster; Garrett Hilbert “The Purple Hoser” the Purple loving Dad; the Twins, Coby and Cory Cotton who run the business and production side of the group; and lastly, Panda who just loves having a good time, all the time.

Get to know more of the Dudes as they bring their zany antics and jaw-dropping stunts to the KIX Channel when The Dude Perfect Show premieres this July 26Wednesday at 9 pm! With new episodes every Wednesdays at 9pm!

KIX is available on (Cablelink Ch. 54, Cignal TV Ch. 264, Destiny Cable Ch. 63, Gsat Ch. 18, and SKY Cable Ch. 63.).  For more information, you can log on to www.KIX-TV.com or https://www.facebook.com/KIXAsia/.

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