Ragnarok Online Announces Return to the Philippines

Ragnarok is back, baby! After 5 long years away, the MMORPG that started it all (at least in the Philippines) Ragnarok Online is coming back to the country.

In the recently concluded Ragnarok Festival held at SM North, The Annex, Gravity Games COO Kitaro Yoshinori announced the long awaited return of the popular MMO to the delight of the massive crowd in attendance. Yoshinori stated that they will be working with their local and regional publishers, Electronic Extreme and Elite Global Sourcing Inc.  to bring the newest form of the widely-popular online game to the fore of the country once more.

Most geeks and gamers in the Philippines will be familiar with Raganarok Online as a fire-starter of sorts when it comes to MMORPGs. The game was integral in creating some of the country’s earliest online gaming experiences and as such helped spark the boom of internet cafes and PC shops. It has also fostered many passionate communities dedicated to playing the game and opened up a new channel in which life-long relationships and bonds were formed. The game was also influential in the local cosplay community as some of the earliest cosplay groups were centered around Ragnarok’s characters and classes. Truly, the importance of Ragnarok Online’s history with the country’s geek culture is undoubtedly quite significant.

So if you want to revisist old memories or make new ones in the land of Midgard then keep your eye and ears out for the official re-opening of Ragnarok Online. Until then, we’ll keep you posted for further updates.

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