Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Review

Amidst the pulse-pounding action, astounding visuals and pitch-perfect humor, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 delivers a warm and endearing tale of family and friendship at its core.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 marks the return of the familiar cast of characters of Star-Lord, Gamorra, Rocket, Drax and Groot as they embark on another galaxy spanning adventure. Joining our heroes this time around are the returning Nebula and Yondu as they finally meet Star-Lord’s Father, Ego the Living Planet. However, the fated reunion may not be all that it seems.


The cast, as with last time, is once again impeccable. Every single one of the cast nails their performances wonderfully. A big standout is Dave Batista’s Drax (who I, personally, wasn’t quite fond of in the last movie) who improves his comedic timing by lightyears. Every segment with him is always a joy to watch and leads to some definite laugh-out-loud moments. Amongst the new additions, Kurt Russel as Ego the Living Planet is phenomenal in the role and he delivers as one of the best villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Mantis, an insectopod, psychic empath also turns in a solid performance.

As with the previous James Gunn Marvel film, humor is front and center in this galaxy-spanning epic and is easily a highlight of the movie. The jokes and situations are incredibly well-written and it helps that the cast itself delivers and works well with comedy. One such situation involving a chief baddie’s poorly chosen name is clearly one of the most entertaining bits in the movie.


The visuals of the movie also deserve praise as environments are beautifully designed and the fictional architecture is breath-taking. GOTG Vol. 2 truly owns up on the sci-fi space epic and gives us imagery, technology and machinery that is unlike anything we’ve seen before.

However, despite all the film’s pomp and circumstance, at its very core is a story of family and friendship. It challenges the conventional notions of the ties that bind us and what we think friends and family should be. Each of the film’s main interactions represent different facets of that thought: Gamorra and Nebula’s chaotic but enduring bond of sisterhood; Rocket’s struggle to keep friends at a distance; and Star-lord’s inner conflict with his lineage. This depth provides the emotional core that radiates outward across the whole film and makes it truly cosmic. This all comes to a head in the powerful closing moments of the film where it tugs at your heartstrings harder than anyone would expect wrapping the film in a beautiful, emotional bow.


The film does have its weak points, however, as a couple of things about it comes to mind. For one the film’s soundtrack, (a definite star in the previous movie) is not quite as memorable as the last one. Apart from a couple of songs, it feels like the film opted to focus on tracks that are more in line with the film’s central themes rather than the fun and catchy hits of yesteryear. It was definitely a narrative choice that I respect but ultimately I would’ve wanted to be jiving and vibing to some more familiar tracks.

Secondly, I feel like the film tried to push Groot’s “Too cuteness” a little bit too much to varying results. Sometimes it is absolutely hilarious but other times it feels weak and forced. These little nitpicks, however, hardly detract from the overall appeal of the film but still warrant a mention

Final Thoughts

Amidst the pulse-pounding action, astounding visuals and pitch-perfect humor, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 delivers a warm and endearing tale of family and friendship at its core and propels it to heights that are nothing short of stellar. You may not leave the theater rocking out as hard as you did last time but GOTG vol. 2 will do a number on your heartstrings.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Ratings

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