The Moments That Made Wrestlemania 33 Matter

Say what you will about Wrestlemania 33 but whether you loved it or you hated it, it definitely had its moments.

The Wrestlemania 33 Stage

wm33 set.jpgHome court advantage was definitely in full effect in the Camping World Stadium as the Stage for Wrestlemania 33 was absolutely stunning! Not only did it have a huge Roller Coaster and Tower Drop Ride in the background, its unique design allowed for interesting little tricks and treats like Seth Rollins setting the ramp on fire, Bray Wyatt transforming the ring into a nest of larvae and the Undertaker ascending from the middle of the smoke.

Rumor has it that the Roller Coaster supposedly had a working Cart on it but WWE wasn’t able to secure the appropriate paperwork for it and to scratch it at the last minute. Imagine what a thrill ride that would have been like.

The New Fantasy!

ffIn one the most bizarre and surprisingly adorable collaborations, everyone’s favorite World Famous 2-Time Champs The New Day came out dressed up as characters from the newly released Final Fantasy XIV Online! However, as awesome as Xavier Woods’ homage to Kefka was, the best part of this whole affair comes from the announcer’s table with Michael Cole pretending to know what a Chocobo was. Oh Maggle, don’t ever change.

The Hardys Return


True to the speculation making the rounds before ‘Mania 33, the Hardy’s made their much-awaited return to the WWE in spectacular fashion. As a surprise entrant into the Raw 3-way Tag Team Championship Match, they once again reclaimed Tag Team Gold, edging out Enzo and Cass, Sheamus and Cesaro and The Club drawing a massive reaction from the crowd!

Unfortunately, Matt and Jeff don’t seem to using the Broken Hardy’s gimmick that have made them so popular in the recently years opting to use their old Team Extreme gimmick instead. We suspect this is due to the ongoing legal battle with TNA Wrestling for creative rights to the said characters. However, if everything clears up we might see the Hardy’s Wonderful Con-dish-ion make its way to the WWE brand.

The Show Stealer

ajArguably, the best match of the night goes to…. Shane McMahon and AJ Styles!? Who in the hell could have seen that one coming? On paper, the match seemed like a huge disrespectful waste of AJ Styles’s talent but in execution it was incredible. Shane McMahon held his own and showcased a whole new skill set to everyone’s surprise. Of course, we know AJ is a masterful worker and can do well with anyone. Together the two men delivered an amazing match that would prove to be the highlight of the night in terms of match quality. Truly the dolla dollars!

The Proposal


Everyone and and their mother saw it coming. The hilarious Miz and Maryse segments poking fun at it and cutesy couples squash matches all spelled out a proposal at ‘Mania. However, despite all that, We’d be lying if the actual event itself didn’t get to us. It was sweet, it was grand and it was great to see Cena give the FU to his demons and finally manning up and asking Nikki Bella to marry him. Maybe we’re just corny like that.

The Kingslayer Rises


Seth Rollins really owned up to the Kingslayer moniker going all out with his Medieval Chain Mail-inspired gear and his awesome entrance with the torch setting the ramp on fire. The level of detail on his tights and the overall thought put into the design is definitely well-appreciated. 

Rollins didn’t put it all to waste either emerging victorious against the King of Kings taking advantage of the latter’s momentary distraction as he accidentally bumped his wife Stephanie McMahon through a table.

The King of Crazy Entrances!


Speaking of the King of Kings, Triple H has always brought his A-game when it comes to Wrestlemania Entrances. This year he drove a badass custom motorcycle down the ramp with his wife in tow!

Becky Lynch’s Horizon Zero Dawn Gear


Our girl Becky Lynch is at it again! Hot on the heels of her astounding steam punk gear she donned another nerdy new look for Wrestlemania 33!

Videogame-savvy fans will immediately recognize that the look bears a strong resemblance to Aloy from the newly released Horizon Zero Dawn from Guerilla Games.

The similarities are definitely straight fire!

The Beast Conquers Goldberg

goldberg v lesnar.jpg

At long last the rivalry between the Beast Incarnate and Bill Goldberg has been finally put to rest, with Brock Lesnar ultimately emerging victorious and reclaiming the WWE Universal Championship. The match itself was pretty tepid, but a far cry better from the disappointing, seconds-long squash matches we’ve seen from Goldberg since his return to the company.

It’s made even more meaningful if you’ve seen the passionate off-air segment he did following the Raw after Mania. In it he talks about his tremendous sacrifices in getting back to ring shape, how he worked his ass off and left it all in the ring, and above-all, how he did it to earn the respect of his family.

If you didn’t know what #GoldbergFeels were, then now you do.

The Last Ride for the Undertaker


Finally, the biggest and most powerful moment in Wrestlemania 33 was the Undertaker retiring in front the whole WWE Universe. The Dead Man definitively marked this match  as his last by taking off his Undertaker garb and literally leaving it all in the ring in front of 65, 000+ shocked fans.

The match itself was again also lackluster and downright hard to watch but it was essential in understanding this moment as it came by. Its hard not to wax poetic about it so here I go: The Undertaker had run his course, like an old weary, warrior. His skills have tarnished and his weapons have dulled. He has slain countless adversaries, monsters and giants but this time it was his turn to be felled. And after he was vanquished by his younger foil he first takes off his armor as a sign of defeat. And lastly, he takes off his hat as a sign of respect.

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Raffy Leynes is a geek of all trades (master of fun).He loves videogames, comicbooks, movies, 90’s cartoons, wrestling, and art. Lately, he’s been liking his geekery with a dash of “Indie”. He doesn’t know what the f*ck musings are but he is told he does them on his InstagramFacebook and Twitter.

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