Why there are No More Mutants in Logan

Disclaimer: Potential spoilers ahead.

More than two weeks have passed since Logan premiered but fans still have plenty of questions on their minds on the little subtle details of the blockbuster hit.

One of these burning questions concerns the existence, or lack thereof, of mutants. What happened to the mutants? Where are the mutants? Let me provide the most logical explanation to this query.

The easiest and the most obvious answer is that the mutants are now dead. All of them. As to how this happened, the movie give fans some vague little tidbits here and there. If we piece together these clues, the reason is two-fold: Professor Xavier’s deteriorating mind and Corn Syrup.

In fact, there was mention in the movie that Professor Xavier’s mind was categorized as a W.M.D. (a weapon of mass destruction). The other clue given is that from Dr. Rice and the way that he eradicated mutants by using corn syrup and a solution that targets the mutant gene.

These reasons, however, do not paint the whole picture.

Professor X’s sick mind is the key to all of this. In the same vain that Scarlet Witch single-handedly eradicated the mutants with these words:

no more mutants

If you remember in the Marvel X-Men event, House of M,  Scarlet Witch grew extremely powerful by that time and had the ability to make things happen just by uttering words. During that event, Scarlet Witch uttered these three words “No more mutants” which instantaneously killed every mutant, except for a few, which immediately made mutants an endangered species. Suffice to say, the X-Men has never recovered since.

In Logan, there’s obviously parallel elements of the House of M story to that of Logan. The main difference however, is that it was Xavier who caused the extinction of the mutants. It is completely plausible that Professor X could have had his first and most brutal episode of his deteriorating brain while using Cerebro and finding new mutants to join the fold. In a situation similar to the events of X2, when Stryker manipulated Professor X to use Cerebro to find mutants and kill them, Charles wipes out mutantkind in one violent seizure.

In addition, not only does Professor Xavier affect the mutants across the world, he also decimates his students, faculty and the X-men around him and ravages their minds in the attack. Quite a few times in the movie, they reference a catastrophic event seemingly caused by Charles Xavier called “The Westchester Incident” as well as “The Incident back East”. As confusing as it might seem, these two are one and the same.


In a tragic bit of research we’ve found out that “Westchester” refers to the X-men’s home base: The Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Various characters refer to the event in the movie as “The Incident back East” because New York is on the East Coast of the United States relative to Texas where majority of the film takes place in. All this leads us to assume that all of the active mutants and X-men as well as students and teachers in the X-mansion have also been wiped out.

Which leads to the question, why is Logan still alive after a Cerebro attack? The answer is simple. As shown in Logan, Wolverine is the only one capable of withstanding the attack and simultaneously incapacitating the professor. Fast forward to the events of Logan, where Wolverine is the only one left to care for the Professor, He gives him prescriptive drugs that not only relegate the seizures but also dampen Charles’ memory of the horrific accident.

However, that does not completely answer the question where are all the mutants, as surely mutants would simply spring up as it is explained by X-Men lore, a mutation, the next evolutionary step in mankind. So if Professor X wiped out all mutants, then there must be a young crop of mutants out there by 2029, right?


logan corn field

These new crop of mutants did not come out because of Dr. Zander Rice and Alkali Transigen. As explained by Dr. Rice, he did something to the corn syrup that effectively isolated the mutant gene and prevented it from manifesting, thereby stunting mutation.

In fact, the movie even alluded to this prior to Dr. Rice’s revelation. If you remember, Logan and company opted to stay the night near a corn field. What’s more telling is when we see machines spraying “pesticide”. One can only assume that this pesticide might just be the formula used by Dr. Rice to eradicate the mutant gene. And as we know, corn is one of the staple foods worldwide, which no matter how processed, be it high-fructose corn syrup (which is the artificial sweetener used in most softdrinks and energy drinks) or some other ingredient, would affect the entire human populace. Much like how a virus could be spread by attaching it to food.

Put these two together, and you get the makings of mutant extinction.

Do you agree with our conclusion? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Gino is the gladiators own comic book and TV geek. He is a lawyer in the making at day, and full-on geek by night. He strongly believes that the lightsaber is the best weapon in a zombie apocalypse.


3 thoughts on “Why there are No More Mutants in Logan

  1. As for the mystery person on the radio: there is no allusion whatsoever if they were mutants or not. For all we know, they may be some of the survivors or a group of people willing to help child trafficking/experimented humans.

    As for Caliban, he may have survived Xavier’s attack or episode. If we go back to X2, Xavier did say he could concetrate hard enough to kill all mutants/people. But again, it opens up the possibility that since Xavier was sick or had his first episode while using Cerebro, then he could’ve just used a fraction of his powers.

    But thanks for the insight, though.


  2. couple of holes though the kids contacted someone via the radio in the fire watch station who gave them confirmation and their next destination. second caleb if xavier killed all mutants caleb wouldnt be alive or helping the mercenaries track down and eradicate mutants that were then used for gene splicing

    Liked by 1 person

    1. we have to assume eradication occured after the incident because if it happened before the created mutants would also be dead. i dont think he was in cerebro it was 600 injured 7 dead ie the seven main x-men who we can the assume were at ground zero right by him when the seizure occured

      Liked by 1 person

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