Finn Balor Funko Pop Confirmed

Finn Balor, who has been out due to an injury since August, has recently made an appearance at an NXT taping to help his old friend Shinsuke Nakamura who was being attacked by Andrade “Cien” Almas and NXT Champion Bobby Roode. Balor clotheslined Almas from the ring and he unleashed devastating strikes against Roode making Almas and Roode back down. Balor’s fans can sense that he will be ready to compete soon and they are evidently excited for his comeback.

There’s another reason why Finn Balor’s fans are getting even more excited and it’s because Funko will be releasing Finn Balor Funko Pops for the first time.

Here is a fan made art of possible Finn Balor Funko Pops:

Additionally FYE, a chain of entertainment media stores in the United States, released the following list of some of upcoming Funko Pops to be sold this year.

  • Mass Effect Mystery Minis
  • Rick & Morty Mystery Minis
  • Mass Effect POP 1 – 7 including 6″ POP
  • Overwatch POP Symm
  • Overwatch POP Lucio
  • Overwatch POP Reinhardt
  • Overwatch Possible Genji & Hanzo 2 Pack
  • Steven Universe Peridot POP
  • Steven Universe Lapis Lazuli POP
  • Steven Universe Connie POP
  • FYE Exclusive Michael from Godfather POP
  • FYE Exclusive Chun Li POP
  • FYE Exclusive 442nd Clone Trooper POP
  • FYE Exclusive FNAF Spring Trap POP
  • FYE Exclusive GITD FNAF Freddy POP
  • FYE Exclusive Stranger Things 2 Pack POP
  • FYE Exclusive New Day 3 Pack POP
  • FYE Exclusive Finn Balor POP
  • FYE Exclusive AOT Armin Alert POP
  • FYE Exclusive DM Dave & Jerry 2 Pack POP
  • FYE Exclusive Power Rangers – Red Dragon Ranger POP
  • FYE Exclusive Captain Underpants POP
  • FYE Exclusive Steve Trevor & Wonder Woman 2 Pack POP


Denise Aquino is the Gladiator’s Vinyl Valkyrie. She’s been following the WWE since it’s glory days in the 90’s.  Find her on Twitter @moreaurora 😉

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One thought on “Finn Balor Funko Pop Confirmed

  1. Just an FYI the images of Finn Balor you have are in fact Fake. They do not meet the quality of Funko artist sketches and/or proofs. Funko should be releasing actual images soon of the real product.


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