In the Car After (Ep. 37) The Lego Batman movie

Nana nana nana nana In the Car After!

In this week’s episode Raffy and Denise go batty over The Lego Batman Movie! They talk about how this Batman might possibly be the most comprehensive and definitive version of the character; How the movie perfectly merges the fun and campy Batman with the dark, moody broody Batman; and How Lego Batman nails the ” Shared Cinematic Universe” thing better than its Live-action counter-parts.

But before all that, Denise and Raffy want to get into the habit of talking about their week that was before the show starts. So at the very start they talk about Songs from the Stage,  the Lea Salonga Concert that they got to go to and how it might have set them down the magical rabbit hole of musical theatre. They also talk about the newest Overwatch hero being teased and the latest in the world of wrestling as we approach  Fastlane and Wrestlemania!

All that and more on this week’s In the Car After!

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