E-Sports and Gaming Summit 2016 Coverage

The Geekend Gladiators were given the honor and privilege to officially cover the E-sports and Gaming Summit for 2016. Here is where you can find all our fun-filled highlights from one of the grandest celebrations of Video Games and E-sports in Asia!

Developer Interviews


We had the amazing opportunity to talk to some of the brightest minds in the local videogame development scene and see first hand their latest creations!

Let’s Plays and Other Videos!


ESGS 2016 was insanely packed with all sorts of things to see and do. Here are some of the fun and crazy moments that we got to experience!

In The Car After Podcast

We also talked about our day to day impressions of the show on Episode 29 of our Podcast In the Car After!


Check out the Episode here!

We are now also on Itunes! Click on the link below and subscribe so you can take all the episodes of In the Car After with you on the go!



Here are the various write-ups and news posts about the event!

Combatron Videogame Announced at ESGS 2016!

The Coolest Booths at ESGS 2016

Ubisoft Offers to Kick-start your Future at ESGS 2016

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