5 Things You Should Know About Baron Corbin

The Lone Wolf is one of the fastest rising WWE Superstars right now. He has achieved a lot eversince he got drafted by Smackdown last July and he continues to impress everyone with his charisma and unique in ring moves. We have a compiled a list of things that you should know about one of the most exciting Superstars in the current WWE roster, Baron Corbin.

1. He’s 2-Time Golden Gloves Champion


Baron Corbin or Thomas Pestock in real life met John Brown, a popular boxing trainer in Kansas city while he was working at a restaurant. John Brown, who trained many talented  boxers such as Tommy Morrison and Cam F. Awesome, started talking about boxing and Baron immediately wanted to try it out.

“I immediately jumped right into it,” Corbin told News-Press Now. “I played a lot of physical sports in high school, and I was done with those, so it was something else to get into so I could unleash some aggressiveness.”

It was a decision that ultimately paid off because by 2007 he was already a two-time  regional Amateur champion of the prestigious, Kansas-Missouri Golden Gloves.

2. He’s a pretty accomplished Football Player

Like many other WWE Superstars, Baron Corbin had a background in Football. His career started when he attended a NCAA Division II college, Northwest Missouri State University. He was an offensive lineman  for the Bearcats and the team managed to make it to five consecutive Division II National Championships from 2004 – 2009.


He joined the NFL draft in 2009 but unfortunately he was undrafted. He eventually signed with the Indianapolis Colts but was also released and resigned within the same year. In 2010 he was signed the Arizona Cardinals but was also later released without having the opportunity to make it to the field.

3. He Called The WWE


Considering that there are a couple of former football players in the current WWE roster it may come as a surprise for some fans that Baron Corbin wasn’t scouted by the WWE instead he was the one who contacted them and showed interest to join the company. His attempt was successful and he was given an opportunity to attend a one week try out in the Performance Center. WWE was impressed and offered him a contract with NXT even though he did not have prior wrestling experience.

4. His Tattoos Represent His Family

baron-2Baron had a very good relationship with his father before he passed away because of a rare brain disease. To honor his father, he had his face tattooed on his thigh. He also has an  arm sleeve of clocks that represent the birthdays of his family members.


5. He’s Off The Market

Unlike other WWE Superstars, Baron Corbin has been somewhat open about his relationship which is evident in his social media posts. He was dating Maria Brink, the lead vocalist of the band In This Moment when he was still in NXT.

He is now currently dating a lady called Rochelle Roman.

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feliz cumpleaños a mi hermosa novia @roalexandra

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