In the Car After (Ep. 35) Our Tokyo Trip!

This week’s In the Car After is a little different than usual. This week our hosts Denise and Raffy talk about their recent trip to Tokyo and all the little adventures  they had there! They talk about their first experience with the Mecha-Cockpit known as the Japanese Toilet Bowl; How awesome the food is at convenience stores like Family Mart and Lawson; Their first time walking around Tokyo in the middle of Winter and what that was like (Spoilers: It was really bleeping cold).

Raffy and Denise also talk about all the places they got to go to and experience like the geeky Mecca called Akihabara; The place where magic truly lives, Tokyo Disney Sea; and of course, Denise’s favorite place in the whole entire multiverse: Sanrio Puroland aka Hello Kitty World!

On a personal note, our hosts also talk about how they got engaged during this trip in front of historic Tokyo Tower! Find out how it all went down including how the Host of the classic OH Tokyo! TV show was involved in the epic proposal!

Suck it, Roman Reigns.

All that and more in this very special episode of In the Car After!

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