The Coolest Booths at ESGS 2016

The E-Sports and Gaming Summit 2016, the biggest gaming convention in the Philippines is happening right now! Whether you’re into the E-sports, Casual Games, Hardcore, Fighting, Mobile, or Indie Games, ESGS definitely has something for you! You absolutely shouldn’t miss this awesome celebration of all things videogames, happening at the SMX Convention Center in Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay from October 28-30!

Here are the coolest booths at the show floor below!

Sony Playstation with the Heavy Hitters


Sony Playstation has a huge presence in ESGS bringing its heavy hitters to the show, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, NBA 2k17 and Final Fantasy XV!

Ubisoft Booth and the Gigantic Just Dance 2017 Booth!


Get your groove on at the Ubisoft Booth with the gigantic Just Dance 2016! If that’s not really your thing check out they’re also offering career opportunities at the booth next to it! 

The Hype is Real at the Hyper X Booth!


Bandai Namco Entertainment


This marks the first time the videogame and entertainment giant brings its wares to a Philippine Convention!

Awesome PC Mods at the MSI Booth!


There are some seriously beastly rigs on display at the MSI Booth! Check these out!


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Forge your destiny Endgods Booth!


Chill Out and Play Videogames at the PLDT Fibr Booth!


The PLDT Fibr Area offer something different to the ESGS: A place to sit back, relax and play some videogames with your buds! It even has a big ol’ Fibr Truck in the middle just because.

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Samsung’s Drift King Set up!

img_8991Feel the rush with Samsung’s Drift King Set-up featuring 3 Monitors, with working Racing Wheels and Pedals complete with a racing chair!

Gunpla Booth!


Get your Gundam on at the Gunpla Booth! They’re offering a crack at their game as well as a ton of different model kits!

Recharge at the Monster Energy Booth


Ahhh Monster Energy the lifeblood of the gamer. Drop by the Monster booth for a quick top off of energy!

Panties and Sandatas at the Secret 6 Booth


I’ll let this one explain itself.

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Brawlfest is Taking All New Challengers!


Check out the cornucopia of the Fighting Games at the Brawlfest Area!

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