Get to Know PWR’s Robynn

PWR Renaissance did not disappoint! This Filipino brand gave us so many good things to talk about and we’re lucky enough that one of the wrestlers who stole the show gave us a chance to ask her a few questions.

In this interview, we talked to Robynn, one of the up and coming wrestlers of PWR about her debut, character and how she got into wrestling.



Geekend Gladiators: How long have you been wrestling and how did you get involved with PWR?

Robynn: I’ve been wrestling for a year now. I got involved with PWR through their boot camp opening post on facebook.

Geekend Gladiators: What made you pursue this career?

Robynn: Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to try wrestling, so when I got the opportunity, I just grabbed it. Also, for the people who said it was impossible, look where I am right now.

Geekend Gladiators: Who are your inspirations? Favorite WWE Superstars?

Robynn: I got a lot of inspirations, but Jeff Hardy is the main reason why I’m here. He was the first wrestler I’ve ever loved. I always look forward for his match every time I watch wrestling. I also love Trish Stratus, Lita, Becky Lynch, The Miz, Seth Rollins, Finn Balor.

Geekend Gladiators: How was your debut last night? How long did you prepare for it?

Robynn: I admit that I was nervous, but also excited. And it was fun, finally doing what you’ve been dreaming to do. It took me months and a lot of practice matches to prepare for it.

Geekend Gladiators: Talk about your character. Why did you choose the Punk Rock Maiden gimmick?

Robynn: Punk rock is not merely a gimmick, it’s a lifestyle. I live and breathe Punk Rock, from the music I listen to, to my personal beliefs. The Robynn you see in the ring is the same Robynn you see outside of it.

Geekend Gladiators: Who is Robynn outside PWR? What are the things that you enjoy doing aside from wrestling?

Robynn: I study in an art school in Makati. I enjoy playing music and I enjoy listening to it. And I love going to rock gigs.

Geekend Gladiators: Who’s your dream opponent? Dream match?

Robynn: It’s my dream to have a match with Lita. The hardcore kind of match.

Geekend Gladiators: What are the challenges of being a female wrestler?

Robynn: It’s challenging to make people believe that you can do it. People usually see women weak. But that’s why I’m here. I’m going to prove to everyone that women can be tough, that we can also kick some ass. That women can also do what men can do.

Geekend Gladiators: Please share a message to your fans and other aspiring female wrestlers out there.

Robynn: Do what you love to do, forget the haters ’cause they ain’t you. And to all the aspiring female wrestlers, yes, we do belong in the ring. Prove to everyone that women can kick ass.

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