5 Things You Should Know About WWE’s Alicia Fox

This former Divas Champion has been with WWE for almost a decade and she remains to be one of the most exciting performers in the roster. Here are a couple of things that you should know about this Foxy diva.

1. She was a Model

Alicia Fox or Victoria Elizabeth Crawford in real life is an all around entertainer. She’s part of the main cast of E’s Total Divas and she’s also a former WWE Diva’s Champion. Her career in WWE started when she got discovered by John Laurinaitis when he saw her in a fashion catalogue. She has come a long way after signing with WWE. She’s also started acting and appeared in several TV shows like Cupcake Wars and Dominion.


2. She was The Wedding Planner of Vicki Guerrero and Edge

She officially debuted in Smackdown in June 2008 as a wedding planner helping Vicki Guerrero and Edge on their wedding. Things took a wrong turn a month after – when Triple H revealed a photo of Edge kissing Alicia Fox during the wedding reception. Needless to say the happy event turned into a disaster.


3. She’s The First and ONLY African American Divas Champion

After being in the title picture for a couple of months – Alicia finally won the title in June 2010. She went against Gail Kim, Eve Torres and Maryse in a Fatal 4 Way match. She claimed that she has the best title reign having defeated every diva in the roster when Melina, the former Divas Champion returned and challenged her for the title. Melina defeated her in their match at Summerslam – ending Alicia’s 56 day reign.


4. Her Sister is Also a Professional Wrestler

Alicia Fox proved that she’s not just any other Diva in WWE that’s why it’s not surprising that her younger sister Christina Crawford or Caylee Turner was inspired by Alicia to try wrestling. Caylee joined Tough Enough and she was eventually involved with FCW – even becoming FCW Divas Champion at one point. Caylee is also a ring announcer and cheerleader.



5. She Used to Date Wade Barrett

Alicia Fox has been quiet about her personal life considering she’s one of the main characters in Total Divas. But in a series of episodes – she revealed that she’s still hung up on her ex boyfriend Wade Barrett. The two went out for a couple of years but they eventually broke up when Wade admitted that he doesn’t see himself marrying Alicia. After the break up Wade started dating Youtuber Rachel David.



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