5 Things You Should Know About Dana Brooke

We’ve all seen how impressive Dana Brooke is and how big of an impact she’s been making since she debuted in Raw. She’s been a big help to Charlotte but we all know that she’s more than just a sidekick. We’ve compiled a list of facts about Dana that will help you get to know the fitness diva.

1. Dana Brooke was a Gymnast for Almost 2 Decades

The 28 year old superstar claims that she started doing gymnastics when she was two. She competed in different events including Junior Olympics in 2001. She was trained in Johnson’s Gymnastics Center in Valley View, Ohio and she was even part of the United States National Team at one point. Her career in gymnastics lasted for 18 years and she was only forced to stop because of numerous injuries.


2. She was a Diving Champion

Following her ankle injury which required her to get a surgery and to give up her career in gymnastics Dana found herself looking for a new obsession. She tried diving for awhile and became a champion when she won the title for Holy Name High School, a Catholic school she was attending in Ohio. She eventually lost interest in the sport and admitted that she wanted something more challenging.

dana diving.jpg

3. She was a Body Building and Fitness Competitor

After getting involved in diving – Dana also tried getting into Body Building and Fitness competitions. She’s an acknowledged professional by International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness and she competed in several National Physique Committee events. Her paths crossed with Alexa Bliss, one of WWE’s newest divas in several body building competitions.

4. Luke Gallows’ Wife Amber O’ Neal Had an Issue About Dana’s Promo with The Club

Dana teamed up with The Club during a recent episode of Raw. In their promo, Dana played the role of a nurse helping out The Club against New Day while the latter got Bayley on their corner. Luke Gallows’ wife, also a professional wrestler Amber O’Neal had a couple of bad things to say about that. Amber called Dana the B word in her Twitter account and she even had an exchange with several fans who are calling her out. The tweets have now been deleted. Considering how attractive Dana is – it’s not surprising that a seemingly innocent promo was enough to make Gallows’ wife jealous.


5. She is Rumored to be Dating Dolph Ziggler

Dana and Dolph are both from Ohio and they have been openly posting photos together making a lot of fans wonder if they are really going out.  Rumor has it, the pair started dating in 2014 and if you’re following their social media accounts you should know that they’ve been spending special occasions together such as Thanksgiving.




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