GladsGO! Asia Pop Comic Con Manila 2016

We’re kicking off our new video series called GladsGO! with our experience at Asia Pop Comic Con Manila 2016!

The event was all sorts of fun, tons of awesome people to talk to and a virtual smorgasbord of things to see and do. Thank you to everyone who agreed to be interviewed by us and suffered to through our lame jokes!

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We also tried our best to track down all the awesome cosplayers who we met and were kind enough to let us take a video of them in action so here they are in order of appearance:

Bombshell Super Girl: Skelly Valkyrie

Zarya from Overwatch: Rokusanae Regalis

Suicide Squad Joker: Jar Ed Leto

Mercy from Overwatch: Alice Whyte

BVS Wonder Woman: NinjaKasumi123

Dancing New Order Stormtrooper: Jenessy Rae Cordero

Doctor Strange: Sickiva

Kingdom Hearts Jack: Opteisen Gallery

Roadhog: Carlo Astudillo

Suicide Squad Harley w/ Chainsaw: Izabel Cortez

Genji from Overwatch: Gelo Grayson

Ghostbusters Family: The Dulce Family

Hard Gay: Hard Gay III PH

’89 Joker: SpiderDan Geromo

Mei From Overwatch: Lee Dane

Stone Cold Steve Austin: David D’ Angelo

Clark Kent: R2 Van Tooren

Please let us know the names of those we missed and/or what you think of the show in the comments below! Thank you everyone for watching!


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