5 Things You Should Know About SmackDown’s Carmella

Carmella came a long way from being Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy’s valet to becoming her own star after being drafted by Smackdown last July. She is now involved in a feud against returning longest reigning Diva’s Champion Nikki Bella and she will be competing against 5 other Superstars to become the first Smackdown Women’s champion in Backlash.We have compiled a couple of facts to help you get to know the Princess of Staten Island.


  1. Carmella is NOT originally from Staten Islandcarmella 2

The Princess of Staten Island is not originally from New York. She was born and raised in a small town in Massachusetts. She attended University of Massachusetts Dartmouth where she graduated with a degree in Marketing in 2010.



2.  She’s a LEGIT Cheerleader

Before starting her wrestling career, Carmella was a New England Patriots cheerleader for three seasons. She was also part of the Los Angeles Lakers dance team from 2010 – 2011.


3. She’s a Certified Trainer and Personal Instructor

carmella 5.png

Aside from being involved in cheerleading, Carmella is a certified trainer and personal instructor before signing with NXT. She was also featured in a couple of magazines like Esquire, Maxim and Fitness.



4. Paul Van Dale is her Father

Carmella didn’t have a wrestling background before getting signed with NXT but she was lucky enough that her father, a former WWE superstar, Paul Van Dale became one of her trainers when she was just starting. Paul Van Dale was active in the 90s both in WWE and in the indie scene. According to Carmella, Trish Stratus was her favorite Diva when she was growing up.

5.  She is Dating Big Cass


Carmella worked as a valet of Big Cass and Enzo Amore from 2014 to early 2016. She started dating Big Cass in 2015 and they have made their relationship public in some of the episodes of WWE’s Breaking Ground. They’ve both been openly posting photos and messages on Instagram and Twitter.



Denise Aquino is the Gladiator’s Vinyl Valkyrie. She’s been following the WWE since it’s glory days in the 90’s.  Find her on Twitter @moreaurora 😉



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