Asia Pop Comic Con Manila 2016: Best of the Show!

Asia Pop Comic Con was an absolute blast! Mostly because it was a celebration of all things geeky!

Every fandom was represented, Videogames, Toys, Cosplay, Comics, Anime, Wrestling, Movies, TV!

There was even a frickin’ Bouncy House!!!

It was super magical to be around people you like the same stuff that you do and talk about it.

It’s also just as awesome to be in the pressence of people with fandoms you aren’t necessarily into and see how crazy and passionate they are about it!

It’s nothing short of amazing, We’re absolutely going again next year~!

Here are some of our best photos!

Credits and Tags

Artanis: Please help me track down this awesome Dude/Dudette/ Protoss

Clark Kent

Bombshell Supergirl


BVS Batman

Jack Nicholson Joker

Endgame Joker

Genji from Overwatch

Jack Skellington

Mei from Overwatch:

Mercy from Overwatch: 

Zarya  from Overwatch:

Negan from The Walking Dead: 

Philippine Wrestling Revolution: 


Harley with Chainsaw:

Ghostbusters Family: 

Wonder Woman: 

Zootopia Cosplayers: Help us track them down 🙂





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