Meet and Greet the Pinoy DC Comics Artists that are Breathing New Life to Deathstroke

Meet and greet the Filipino Artists bringing to life DC Comics’ new Deathstroke series, penciller Carlo Pagulayan and inker Michael Jason Paz on Aug. 13, Saturday, from 1-5pm at Filbar’s U.P. Town Center.

Deathstroke Rebirth launch Carlo Pagulayan Jason Paz Filbar's UP Town Center

The team of Pagulayan and Paz seek to bring their own dynamic style to the interior pages of the comic featuring the infamous mercenary Deathstroke, a classic comic book character that has also appeared in the kid-friendly animated adaptation of “Teen Titans” and the popular CW TV series, “Arrow.”

Alongside writer Christopher Priest, Pagulayan and Paz will re-introduce the character in Deathstroke: Rebirth one-shot and a new Deathstroke #1 releasing two weeks later. The twice-monthly Deathstroke series is part of the DC Rebirth initiative, intended to bring DC Comics’ heroes and villains back to their core concepts.

The artists will sign copies of Deathstroke: Rebirth one-shot which also features cover art by ACO and Stephen Platt. Fans can reserve copies ahead at before Tuesday noon cut-off.

Here is the official synopsis of Deathstroke: Rebirth:

A thousand enemies, a thousand kills-Deathstroke is the world’s greatest assassin. Stalked by an unseen foe, Slade Wilson is confronted by his own troubled past and challenged to reinvent himself before he loses everything and everyone in his life. Can Deathstroke be redeemed? Or will his addiction to violence destroy him?”

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