In the Car After (Ep. 22) Warcraft in the Morning at Night

In this episode of In the Car After were talking about the Warcraft Movie!

Now as you may or may not know, Denise and I aren’t really up on our Warcraft lore so we brought in some reinforcements in our good friends from the Emile in the Morning At Night podcast, Emile and Ares!

We talk about how crappy Medivh is as a Guardian, #AllianceScum,  how Gu’ldan was vaping that one time and all about our Lord and Saviour Khadgar

Also, as you can probably tell, we recorded this a while back now but its still an absolutely fun conversation.

Listen to us on your browser!

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Big thanks to Emile and Ares for joining us and schooling us on the background and  lore of the Warcraft Universe. It’s always a pleasure to share the mic and hang out with these awesome dudes.

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Please check out the Emile in the Morning at Night podcast for more awesome conversations with interesting people in realm gaming, comics, art and other nerdy stuff  over a cup of coffee in the Morning at Night.




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