Star Trek Beyond Spoiler-Free Review

Star Trek Beyond represents all that is cool about the Star Trek Universe and goes above and beyond the bar to deliver a fantastic thrill ride for fans of any generation.

Star Trek Beyond picks up a few years after the last movie with the crew of the USS Enterprise led by Chris Pine’s Captain James T. Kirk and First Mate Spock, as they embark another interstellar adventure. Without giving away too much, the plot is fairly simple and is very reminiscent of the format of an episode from the beloved TV series albeit on a much grander scale.

Interstellar Cast


Despite the relative simplicity of its story however, Beyond more than makes up for this in its execution. This is immediately apparent in the stand out performances of the entire cast. Everyone plays their part extremely well, Quinto is, as always, an excellent Spock and Pine, a terrific Kirk as always as he manages to incorporate a little bit more of the speaking cadence and mannerisms of the original Shatner Kirk while adding his own unique charm and suave to the role.

Granted that we’re two movies in and it’s no secret that its phenomenal cast is the backbone of the series but it seemed, at least to this Gladiator, that the characters feel even more vibrant and fleshed-out than ever before. You care about what happens to these characters and it really does well to keep you invested into the narrative.The new additions to the cast are not slouches as well, Sofia Boutella is fantastic as the charming scavenger Jayla and Idris Alba gives us a seemingly one-dimensional villain but ultimately complex villain in Krall.

Beyond Captivating


Beyond capitalizes on this stellar cast by frequently giving us entertaining interactions, from the hilariously comedic to the suprisigly poignant and heartfelt, between its various characters. Every moment of banter and bickering is just as engaging as the sizzling action sequences.
Speaking of which, Beyond also features some of the most breath-taking action set pieces in the franchise’s history. These are puntuated by gorgeous visuals and solid fight choreography. Some scenes, including an especially spectacular one near the climax, are legitimately jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring. In fact the entire third act of the movie is excellent and incredibly thrilling. This Gladiator loved how everything, even minute plot devices, turned up and came together in the ending sequences. I also loved the way the stakes shifted from a large scale scale conflict to a more focused, personal battle. That whole climax might possibly be one of the best and most memorable in movie history.

Final thoughts



With its breath-taking set pieces, fascinating exploration of foreign yet familiar concepts and endearing characters and interactions, Star Trek Beyond stands as the best example as to why the beloved franchise is incredibly and undeniably cool.
5 Phasers out of 5.


Raffy Leynes is a geek of all trades (master of fun).He loves videogames, comicbooks, movies, cartoons, wrestling, science and art. Lately, he’s been liking his geekery with a dash of “Indie”. He doesn’t know what the f*ck musings are but he is told he does them on his Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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