Local Comic Book of the Week – Buster #1

“One only dies once… and if one does not die well, a good opportunity is lost… and will not present itself again.”

– Buster #1 by Peejay Catacutan


Buster #1 is a beautiful story that brings the future in the context of the past. It is filled with non-stop action and Philippine history. The main character of the story is a Philippine hero brought back to life to become the hope against the despair brought by the tyrants. Peejay conveys a beautiful message about the society and how one man can start a revolution.

13615047_10153897313228681_3994983500371441135_nIn the first issue, Peejay was able to establish a world without borders. The story takes place where nationality and race is not a category of division and all humanity has converged to fight a common threat. With a vast world established by the story, the first issue was able to narrate all the things you need to know before the story to develops. Even with a lot of things happening in the first issue, the story-telling did not feel crammed or forced.

What I love most about the book are the political undertones and the dialogue of each characters. You have this Machiavellian character who lost faith in the rule of law. His lines will make you question the relevance and importance of law in today’s society. Peejay also tackled the Filipino concept of hope–that there is this messiah that can bring together people to start a revolution.

13590357_1068164749938570_48840082038408569_nThe revival of a Philippine hero is something that took me by surprise. I haven’t read that much local comicbooks but from the stories that I’ve read, Buster is definitely a breath of fresh air. It’s unique story and captivating dialogues easily makes it at the top of my list for local comicbooks. The dialogue towards the end is so strong that you would probably reflect upon your love for the country.

The success of the launch for Buster #1 reflects the hard work Peejay Catacutan put into it. Every page was done with love and attention to detail. The interiors are top-notch and his panel transitions are decent. I highly recommend this book for everyone especially people who’re quite unfamiliar with our local history.


I’ll give it a 4.5 / 5!

Buster is available at Comic Odyssey stores in the Philippines. You can also check out their social media sites FacebookTwitter and Instagram

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Paolo Ollero, the newbie Gladiator is also one of the founders of The Dark Knight Ph–the premier Batman group in the Philippines. He used to be “The Right Choice,” but Facebook recently flagged his name and instructed him to update his profile with his given name.


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